"Rainbow Clown Umbrella - 24 Inch" Halloween Costume Accessory

"Rainbow Clown Umbrella - 24 Inch" Halloween Costume Accessory

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Top off a zany costume with a classic clown umbrella from The Horror Dome. This rainbow, multi-color design will be a wonderful addition to any bozo outfit. At 24 inches, it's a full sized, yet not too big umbrella that won't be cumbersome as you goof around with your troupe. Put together a routine and entertain young guests at a birthday party. Along with a great clown costume, including a red rubber nose and oversized shoes, this prop will have you looking like a pro.

Of course, clowns aren't all friendly and fun. Some of them are bloodthirsty, psychotic killers. Even zombie walkers or murderous madmen need something to shield them from the rain. This innocent-seeming and familiar-looking prop makes an amazing accessory to your evil clown costume.

So protect your pale clown skin from the sun, keep from getting drenched in the rain, or deflect a stream of seltzer from your colleague with a rainbow umbrella from The Horror Dome. When you need a detailed, realistic look, accessories make all the difference. Don't clown around with your outfit. Shop today and complete the look.

A great clown accessory! Colorful umbrella with a different colors on every panel. 24 inches tall.