"Killer Clown" Latex Halloween Mask

"Killer Clown" Mask

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Beware the clutches of this brutish bozo, or else you'll end up a victim of the evil circus. Chopped up and fed to rabid lions, hung by the neck from a trapeze, or shot out of a cannon and splattered on a brick wall... There are many ways to meet your demise in the demented big top. This disgusting jester's murderous mug may be the last sight you ever see.

With this classic Psycho Killer Clown mask from The Horror Dome, you'll have a realistic, hand detailed creation that will strike fear into the hearts of all, especially your friends with a touch of coulrophobia. This design features traditional white face makeup, a large, menacing mouth filled with oversized teeth, and fiery red locks that protrude outwards from a bald dome.

Add a new character to your haunted house, or craft a bone-chilling costume for Halloween. This premium latex mask is up to the task. A full, over the head design, you'll have a cinema-quality seamless look when worn with a shirt, jacket, or clown suit. Terrorize the neighborhood as this creepy Krusty today.