"Evil Clown - Purple Hair" Halloween Mask

"Evil Clown - Purple Hair" Mask

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Twenty-five years ago to this day, a traveling circus was involved in a terrible accident. A clown-car full of jovial jesters hit an oncoming semi that veered into their path. Every clown onboard was killed. They say on the anniversary of this tragic collision, the angry spirits of the deceased jokers reappear to terrorize the living. It's a bad idea to traverse this lonely stretch of highway on a night like tonight. Whatever you do, don't stop to pick up a hitchhiker.

The Evil Clown Halloween mask from The Horror Dome features long purple locks, a skeleton-esque mouth full of menacing teeth, a rotted red nose, and a freakish expression. This full, over the head latex design is crafted by talented artists for a bone-chillingly real look. You don't have to be coulrophobic to lose your wits at the sight of this killer clown.

Add a haunted bigtop scene to your commercial Halloween attraction, create an amazing costume for trick or treating, or hit the dance floor at the masquerade ball dressed as a frightening fellow. It's not all fun and games when the Evil Clown is on the prowl.