Clown Masks

Better keep an eye out when the evil circus is in town. This terrible troupe of killer clowns would love to subject you to three rings of torture, then grind you up and feed you to their rabid lions. From maniacal killers to bloodthirsty zombies and possessed jesters, there are many types of frightening fiends under this macabre big top. Which one will come for you?

The Scary Clown Masks collection from The Horror Dome contains a number of freaky characters that are sure to frighten the bravest monster hunters, and give coulrophobic individuals nightmares for weeks. These professional-quality hand detailed, over the head designs are meticulously crafted by talented artists to ensure maximum realism. Wear them at your haunted house, take them trick or treating around town, or add them to your collection of haunt industry merchandise, the choice is yours.

A few Scary Clown Masks from this line will allow you and your friends to terrorize the neighborhood this Halloween as a band of murderous jokesters. Load into the clown car and get ready for a night of scouring your town for delicious candy. Your grotesque group won't soon be forgotten.

Scary Clown Masks

35 products

35 products