Clown Costumes


After the circus leaves town, there are always a few stragglers who stick around and cause trouble. This year, it looks like a crew of demented clowns are on the loose. Kicked out of the big top for acts of depravity, these treacherous jesters are broke and hungry... hungry enough to eat about anything. Make sure the kids come home after dark, or else they'll become part of bozo's brutal buffet. Browse this collection of clown Halloween costumes from The Horror Dome and find a unique design that will send your coulrophobic friends running for the hills. In addition to these menacing madmen, this large selection also includes clown costumes that are warm and friendly, and perfect for entertaining kids. Make your child's next birthday party one to remember with a clown suit from this line, and a few balloon animals or pies in the face.

Whether you're adding an evil clown character to your professional haunted house attraction, or goofing around with your family, you'll enjoy these well-made costumes. Choose from costumes with hand detailed latex masks, and body suits that work great with a wig, makeup and an iconic red clown nose.

Please note our Clown Halloween Costumes are FOR ENTERTAINMENT and/or HALLOWEEN DRESS-UP ONLY - does not actually condone stalking your neighborhood!

34 products

34 products