"King Kong" Latex Halloween Mask

"King Kong" Mask

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King Kong was very happy being king of his remote island paradise. With warm, sunny weather, plenty of food to eat, and many lady gorillas with whom to pass the time, his tiny, hidden island was nothing short of heaven for an ape. Of course, like all good things, humans had to come along and ruin it. They kidnapped this furry noble and put him in a freak show for their own profit. When King Kong got the chance to escape, he took it. He killed his handlers, and now roams the city looking for revenge.

The King Kong Halloween mask from The Horror Dome is made from premium latex, and hand detailed for maximum realism. It's a classic gorilla-style face with black fur. The King has wide open, intense eyes, and a ferocious mouth filled with sharp teeth. An over the head design, this mask will provide a seamless look when worn with an ape suit, or any shirt or jacket. Don't monkey around with your look this Halloween. Win first prize in the costume contest with a King Kong mask and a little creativity.

Full, over-the-head latex mask. One size fits most adults.