Classic Monster Masks


Halloween is a time-honored tradition, bringing together candy, children, and ghouls for generations. If you're like us and never really grew out of loving a good fright and well-crafted Halloween masks, you'll love these classic monster masks. Each of them is inspired by classic Halloween costume, representing the cornerstones of fright night and the best movies ever to grace a Halloween party.

Each of our Halloween masks is hand-crafted from high-quality premium latex that gives a sense of realism that is peerless in the industry. Combine that with the loving care of every hand-placed hair, and you have a classic monster mask that will honor your inner child's memory while updating the look to something sleek and modern.

From our comfort fit wicked witch mask to the Deluxe Pennywise clown mask, there's sure to be something in this collection that perfectly matches your personal love of horror. If you're looking for the full effect, check out one of our package deals like our Bad Moon Werewolf mask and hands sets to tie your Halloween costume together.

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