Classic Horror Animatronics


    As the days grow short and cold, and nature starts to die, the spirit world seems to come alive. When it's nearing Halloween, you stop taking that shortcut by the graveyard, you watch your back as you hike through the woods, and you steer clear of that one abandoned old mansion at the end of the street. This time of year, anything seems possible.

    Create an unforgettable fright with Classic Halloween animatronics from The Horror Dome. In this collection, you'll find a large line of pro-quality designs that are easy to set up and trigger at exactly the right time. Hand detailed by twisted craftspeople for maximum realism, these animated props are certain to be crowd pleasers, even if they induce nightmares for weeks. Choose from a variety of hungry zombies, possessed individuals, torture victims, killer clowns, depraved dolls and much more.

    Add some big-budget looks to your operation with an animatronic from The Horror Dome. Put them on full display and make them a centerpiece of your attraction, or hide them around a darkened corner and wait for an unsuspecting guest to stroll by.

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