Christmas Supplies and Costumes


    Does your home, school or place of business need a little holiday cheer? Whether you're in charge of the office holiday party, creating a Santa's workshop scene at your commercial haunted house attraction, or looking to play St. Nick for the kids in the family, you'll find the props and costumes you need in this large collection. With Christmas supplies and costumes from The Horror Dome, you'll have professional-quality gear that's guaranteed to spread the holiday spirit.

    Throwing a Christmas Eve cocktail party? Socialize with your guests in a Ms. Claus dress from this selection. Top off any costume with a traditional Santa hat or elf hat, or choose a lifelike animatronic that's sure to be a favorite with kids and adults alike. Christmas displays are a great way to increase your storefront's visibility during the holiday season, and can brighten the mood in your community as the days become short and the mercury plummets.

    From a simple cap, to a costume worthy or a professional mall Santa, there's something for everyone who wants to celebrate the season at The Horror Dome.

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