"Snowflake Fluid - 1 Gallon Size" Snow Machine Fluid

"Snowflake Fluid - 1 Gallon Size" Snow Machine Fluid

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You notice the temperature drop as you enter the subterranean lair of the abominable snowman. Rumor has it, a rouge yeti broke out of a government research facility and now hides in an underground cave outside of town. All of a sudden, you notice thick snowflakes falling from the air. ""How can it snow in a cave?"" you ask yourself before realizing the true otherworldly nature of this mythical beast. At once, he appears from the shadows and grabs you by the back of your neck. You've become his latest victim.

With Snowflake Fluid from The Horror Dome you'll have plenty of juice to keep your snow machine humming. Whether you need a snowy effect for a movie shoot, want to get your guests in the holiday spirit at a raucous Christmas party, or create a blizzard inside your haunted house, you'll find this premium snow machine liquid produces wonderful thick white flakes. With gallon-sized jugs, you'll keep the fun going deep into the night.

Also great for concerts or music video shoots, artificial snowflakes drift through the air like the real thing. Blanket the ground and make it look like fresh snowfall, or pair a snow machine with a fogger and strobe light for a disorienting effect right before your monsters attack.