Realistic Animatronic Zombie Props


    First you smell something hideous in the air; the stench of decaying flesh. Then your ears start to detect anguished moaning and wheezing sounds. Suddenly, you find yourself face to face with the undead. Stumbling towards you from all directions, they seem to have you cornered. This is it, you think to yourself, time to make the final stand.

    Start an undead horde of your own with animatronic zombies from The Horror Dome. Hand detailed by talented artists, these animated props are Hollywood-quality and easy to install and operate. Place one around a darkened corner and trigger it at exactly the right moment for maximum fright. Pair them with smoke, light and sound effects for a shockingly freaky scene.

    Choose from classic walkers that lumber towards your guests, zombies that lurch out at unsuspecting visitors, zombified animals, rotting bodies that have been sliced in half, and more ghastly designs. Whether you're running a professional haunted house attraction, looking to increase visibility to your store front during the Halloween season, or just going all out to terrify the neighborhood trick or treaters, you'll find an animatronic in this line that gets the job done.

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