Alien & Sci-Fi Props/Statues


    On a chilly, moonless night, you notice a bright light streak through the sky and seem to crash near your campground. Feeling irrationally brave, you decided to investigate. As you step through the dank forest, something feels off. All of a sudden, you realize you're surrounded by nefarious-looking grey aliens. Did you happen upon a crash site or walk into a trap? The next thing you know, you awake naked and disorientated by the side of the highway. It's three days later.

    Craft a freaky close encounter scene with Alien & Sci-Fi Halloween props from The Horror Dome. Hand detailed by twisted, yet superbly talented artists, these lifelike, cinema-quality designs are perfect for any professional haunted house operation, attracting attention to your roadside business, or adding to a serious collection of extraterrestrial merchandise. Choose from a range of designs, including the familiar grey alien of abduction lore, retro-style invaders, replicas of creatures from the Aliens and Predator movies, and much more.

    Diversify your frights with these terror-inducing statues and props. Place one around a darkened corner and use a motion activate trigger to hit it with a burst of strobe light and fog when your guest is near.

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