Tom Savini’s Makeup FX Take Zombie Gore to New Level

Tom Savini’s Makeup FX Take Zombie Gore to New Level
Anyone who appreciates a good horror flick likely knows the name Tom Savini. A stunt man, actor, teacher and director, Savini is perhaps best known for his groundbreaking work in the art of special effects (FX). If you’ve seen horror cult classics like “Dawn of the Dead,” “Friday the 13th” or “Creepshow,” then you’re already familiar with the “Godfather of Gore.” His gut-wrenching special makeup effects have become legendary, from staggering corpses and severed limbs to exploding zombies.
His twisted creations have been instrumental in shaping a generation of film fanatics and A-list directors infatuated with gore. One of Savini’s biggest breaks came from iconic film director George Romero, who launched the zombie apocalypse craze with his 1968 smash “Night of the Living Dead.” Savini went to work creating amazing zombie effects on “Dawn of the Dead.” His revolutionary makeup techniques and prosthetics brought nightmares to life, while spurring America’s new-found love of all things zombie.
Our one-of-a-kind, wildly creative zombie masks are some of our top sellers here at The Horror Dome. Though they may not be original Savini creations, they are crafted with high-quality latex and painted by hand for ultra-realism, satisfying all you horror die-hards!

Horror effects of Tom Savini

Savini’s love affair with special effects and prosthetics began at the age of 12, but it was his tour as a combat photographer in Vietnam that fueled his inspiration for blood and gore. Using the gruesome imagery from the battlefields, Savini was able to create realistic cadavers, zombies and other grisly staples that would catapult his career.
Without a doubt, Savini is responsible for some of the grossest makeup effects in horror movies, which helped earn him the nickname, “The Sultan of Splatter.”
His unbridled talent in the field of special make-up effects is evident in more than 20 different flicks. Besides the zombie apocalypse franchise “Dawn of the Dead,” “Night of the Living Dead,” and “Day of the Dead,” Savini worked his gory magic on “The Prowler,” “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2,” “The Maniac,” and “Alone in the Dark.”
The veteran effects artist and Pittsburg native has collaborated with some of the best in Hollywood, including George Romero, George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino. He even started a Special Make-up FX Program which attracts young talent from the world over. The rigorous 16-month program is designed to help aspiring artists hone a wide range of skills and hopefully make it in the business.
Savini’s long-time understudy Gregory Nicotero is the award-winning zombie makeup artist behind AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Best selection of Zombie masks

Whether you’re a Savini fan or just love a good Halloween scare, you’ll find the best selection of zombie masks at The Horror Dome. Featuring rotting teeth, disintegrating flesh and gouged out eyes, these hideous masks are intricately detailed by skilled artists who boast decades of expertise in the horror industry. Order yours today!

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