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Rabid (1977) - A Review and Look at the 2019 Remake

Rabid Movie

It seems to be the theme of the world these days, but we have yet another horror movie remake coming our way as part of FrightFest UK, and we’re actually looking forward to this one making its way across the pond. The film being remade is Rabid, originally created in 1977, and in honor of the upcoming renovation, we’re going to take a look at the old film and see what it did right, what it did wrong. Then we’ll take a look at what we think should be updated in the newest edition and what should be left alone. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the 1977 version of Rabid.

Rabid (1977)

With a name like Rabid you’d rather expect the film to be about what's written on the tin, wouldn’t you? Well, you might just be surprised. The story doesn’t involve someone getting infected with this disease and going all Cujo on people, instead, it's about a woman’s recovery from a horrific accident. Following a motorcycle accident, our main character Rose has extensive injuries and a doctor who wants to try something new to help her heal.

The process involves the implantation of graphs with morphogenetic properties that he hopes will automatically form into replacements for the skin and organs that have become damaged. Rose wakes up in terror in the middle of the night over a month later and causes a bizarre injury to a fellow patient while they’re trying to calm her. It turns out that Rose has developed a stinger under her armpit and no longer has the capacity to eat normally, but must consume human blood.

Unfortunately, those who are injured by her stinger become infected with some strange condition (hence the titles name) and begin attacking people who, in turn, become infected. This leads to an ongoing zombie apocalypse style scenario that the news reports as ‘a new form of rabies’. The story drives on to a rather tragic end as Rose tries to find a way to stop the horror from progressing but can’t help but spread it.

The film does an excellent job of playing with multiple tropes, including the zombie apocalypse scenario (before it had been so overdone). Another great aspect is that our main character does not desire to spread the disease and is driven to do so, and is playing part and parcel in trying to find a cure. The most critically tragic part of it is where her attempts to do so lead to her own death, and her body being disposed of by those unaware that she is the progenitor and possible source of the cure.

We found the movie to be timeless and well-done, and it was enjoyable being exposed to special effects that were over 40 years old. The upcoming film has all the benefits of modern technology to create a horrific new version, but we hope they don’t go overboard on the CGI. The topics covered in the film are still topical, and in fact perhaps even more relevant today than they were at the time of the creation of the film. And WE know YOU know that watching a movie like this only whets your appetite for some of the most intense, realistic Zombie Masks and Zombie Costumes ever sold, right here at The Horror Dome!

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HD Researchers Report - Halloween Props

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There are certain staples of horror that are born out of tales told by those who have lived them. Our collection of accessories and props are based on stories brought to us by those who live in mysterious areas of the world. These mist-shrouded places and the hushed voices of those who live there tell tales of dark horrors and abominations wrought by the foul beings whose essence taint the place. Our fearless researchers knew that those who live in a world of light would pay dearly to have examples of these stories brought back for them to ooo, aahhh, and scream over - this time in the form of these amazing Halloween Props.

Possessed Baby Puppet

Possessed Baby Puppet

This Possessed Baby Puppet perfectly matches the appearance of one of the more horrific tales to be returned to us. A desperate mother whose child was stillborn wanted life returned to her lost child. A dark pact made with something that whispered to her from the shadows beneath her babies crib resulted in this foul creature. Sure enough, her child was restored to life, twisted and glaring with eyes filled with hateful rage. She said he could speak when he returned to life, and gibbered about things is some demonic tongue that near drove her mad before she stove in its head with her mothers silver crucifix. A horrid tale is true, but one that brought a puppet sure to scare your friends half to death. Bring home our Possessed Baby Puppet for yourself!

Zombie Baby Puppet

Zombie Baby Puppet

Another unfortunate tale, but this one from the depths of Mongolia where a strange plague had fallen on the people who dwelled there. The dead had lost respect for the natural order of things and had returned from the grave to haunt and slay the living. A classic zombie tale, tis true, until a foul creature matching this zombie baby puppet's description clawed its way out of a pregnant mothers belly as she yet lived. Apparently birth wasn’t necessary for the disease to touch this infant as it perished in the womb. It terrorized her village for days before it was finally dispatched. Don’t worry though; this is just a puppet - which you can purchase for yourself by visiting our Zombie Baby Puppet!

Baby Werewolf Puppet

Baby Werewolf Puppet

Have you ever wondered what happens if a woman gets pregnant when she’s infected by the wolves curse? The answer lay in here in this baby werewolf puppet. The child itself was born when the moon was high in the sky and so his mother, in beast form, gave birth to this howling beast. It is said the child ran off into the woods moments after eviscerating his mother, and his wretched howl can still be heard echoing off the mountains when the moon is full. There are even those who say it grew to adulthood having never changed back into human form, suggesting it is forever locked in its half-man state. Either way, he was kind of cute as a baby, don’t you think? Take home one of our all-time bestsellers with our Baby Werewolf Puppet!

These researchers are to be applauded for their hard work in returning to us with these tales. Some of the stories came quite dear, and in one case, the account was returned to us without the researcher. The leatherbound book had deep claw marks on the cover, and strange matted grey hair was found stuck to the blood that caked it. A loss for our team and his family, but a gain for all those who love baby werewolves.

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