San Antonio's Emily Morgan Hotel: A Unique Place with a Haunted History

Antique Vintage Hotel Amid A Dark Forest During Daytime

Before the structure was constructed, the Mexican Forces and the Texans fought on the grounds of the hotel in the Long Barracks of the Alamo in 1836. Nearby the hotel, almost 600 guys lost their life. The site's previous name was the Medical Arts Building. It housed more than 100 medical specialists, including dentists and physicians. It was even rumored to include a department specialized in treating those with psychiatric disorders.

The Emily Morgan Hotel's Haunted Past

The Emily Morgan Hotel's past is shrouded in legend and mystery. Its namesake Emily D. West, who served as an indentured servant for Colonel James Morgan during the Texas Revolution, was better known by her given name Emily Morgan after taking it as her own. The Mexican army abducted Emily Morgan and other family members on April 16, 1836, six weeks after the fabled Battle of the Alamo. She was then compelled to travel with General Antonio López de Santa Anna's men. The Mexican and Texasian forces snuck up on the adjacent prairie of San Jacinto.

Sam Houston's soldiers won the Battle of San Jacinto in less than an hour on April 21, when the Texan army under his command assaulted the Mexican campsites without guards. It is said that General Santa Anna was captivated by Emily Morgan during the crucial battle cries, missing them totally and failing to inform his troops. However, there is no official record of the specifics of the unsecured Mexican camp. After this devastating defeat of the Mexican army, nothing is known about Emily Morgan's future. However, it is assumed that she managed to leave Texas and return to her native New York.

The Medical Arts Building was a functioning hospital with medical wings and doctor offices from 1924 to 1976. The structure was not used as office space for about ten years. The Medical Arts Building is in the Alamo Plaza Historic District, added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1977. After renovations, the Emily Morgan Hotel was prepared to welcome its first visitors in 1984. Since its opening, the hotel has welcomed visitors from near and far to enjoy its traditional luxury rooms.

Residents and workers have reported unexplained phone calls, rattling noises, and obnoxious odors. Some claim to have seen a lady on the seventh floor on a rickety gurney or in white, fleeting shadows. People have also heard rumors that the steel tables from the former operation border the swimming pool. Moreover, you risk being locked in the elevator and taken to the mortuary, where you will overhear whispers. However, ghost stories are supposed to entice us rather than scare us away. As they say, "If you build it," and in this case, "it" is a hospital converted to a hotel on the site of an 1830s fight, "they will come."

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