My Bloody Valentine (2009): A Horror Movie For The Romantics

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It was a typical day for six miners in the Hanniger mine. It might have been Valentine's Day, but it was still another day of work. At least, it started as a typical day. After a collapse in the mine, all six miners were trapped. Rescuers made their way into the mine, finding only one man alive. Harry Warden was in a coma, but he was alive. Authorities later discovered that Harry killed the other miners to conserve oxygen. But he still wasn't found responsible. The owner's son, Tyler, was blamed for forgetting to vent the methane lines, which caused the tunnel to collapse. 

The last paragraph sounds like a tragedy, though. It's almost impossible to imagine what kind of trauma that would cause. However, this is the premise of the 2009 slasher, "My Bloody Valentine."

My Bloody Valentine: A Recap

The 2009 release of "My Bloody Valentine" was a remake of the 1981 Canadian slasher of the same name. Critics praised the production values and performances. But they also claimed that the characters were "wooden" and the screenplay was poorly written. With movies like "The Final Destination" that came out in the same year, it's easy to see how this movie could have performed poorly. 

But "My Bloody Valentine" did have one thing going for it. It boasted a cast of talented actors. One of these actors was Jensen Ackles, who had been starring in "Supernatural" for four years before the release of "My Bloody Valentine." However, one of this movie's most iconic features was the Miner. A miner isn't something people are often afraid of on its own. But filmmakers gave us a villain that was imposing and terrifying. The Miner was a character that inspired nightmares.

The most striking part of Miner's costume was his mask. He wore a gas mask that made it impossible to see his face. For the movie's duration, figuring out who's responsible for the deaths in Harmony, Pennsylvania, is impossible. There are suspicions, for the most part, and the writers did a fantastic job of making you question everything you thought. It isn't until the movie's end that you discover that Tom is the masked killer.

"My Bloody Valentine" is full of twists and turns that leave the viewer scrambling to try and figure out what's happening next. It might not have been as straightforward as movies like "Final Destination," but it had its good moments. It was also one of the few movies with a dark twist on Valentine's Day. One thing many people don't know about "My Bloody Valentine," however, is that there was a sequel that was pitched before the movie was released. Due to the mixed reviews, Lionsgate opted not to proceed with the sequel. 

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