Must See Horror Films For Halloween 2022

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Trying to put together a watch list for this Halloween? There’s some ghoulishly good news! 2022’s Halloween season heralds the arrival of various great horror films! Some of them are sequels to some classics from the past, and others are brand-new entries that promise incredible new thrills. With these potential hits coming to theaters right around the heart of spooky time, it’s a great opportunity to bust out a favorite new Halloween mask to wear to the theater!


V/H/S is one series that has never failed to bring chills and thrills to fans of horror. With this many sequels, each installment has run the risk of being a dry cash grab. However, each one has succeeded in bringing us a brand-new series of stories that are great fun. This is just one of the reasons we’re excited to see this new entry into the franchise. As the name implies, it was set in 1999. In good horror fashion, a teen's thirst drives a series of bad decisions and horrific realizations.

Prey For The Devil

There’s nothing more classic than a good story about hot nuns exorcising demons against the church's will. What’s that? Have you never heard of that storyline before? Neither have we! This movie follows the story of a nun who believes God has called her to perform exorcisms, despite the church saying sisters cannot perform the act on their own. She goes rogue, only to discover that the demon she’s trying to exorcise is tangled up in her past.

Wendell & Wild

Jordan Peele has been making interesting strides into horror in recent years. Wendell & Wild is a takeaway from his previous works and is filmed in stop-motion animation. We’ll follow the stories about two demon brothers striving to overcome Sister Helly, a nun. She pairs with Kat and Raoul, two goth teens, to put the demons in their place. It’s bound to be a hilarious and thought-provoking ride, and we’re here for it.


What do you get when you cross traditional “Spooky Doll” horror with science fiction? An AI child companion went rogue, leaving you distrusting every appliance in your house. The story begins with a roboticist deciding to test out her newest creation, M3GAN, on her orphaned niece. Intending to provide her with companionship while gathering data on her invention, she finds out that the words “Don’t let any harm come to her” are too broad of a directive.

Above are four selections that will surely add a fun bit of horror to your Halloween season. One final recommendation before you go, however. Have you wondered what it must have been like for the crew of the Demeter in Bram Stoker? You know, the ship that carried his accursed corpse across the ocean only to crash land in America after everyone on board was slaughtered? Wonder no more. The Last Voyage of the Demeter is going to tell that story! Make this one the capstone of your spooky time delights; it’s sure to be a winner.

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