Haunted Roads of Australia

Australia has a reputation for having some of the most horrifying creatures ever to grace the surface of the Earth, and we're talking real creatures and not twisted creations like our signature Halloween Props, but that isn’t its only claim to fame. Another thing that Australia is known for is its haunted lore. Strange creatures, lingering spirits, and much more can be found if you dig deep enough. If you’re looking for a spooky good time during your visit to Australia, you should check out these roads where the dead are said to interfere with the living.
Mount Victoria Pass

Mount Victoria Pass, NSW – The Lady In Black

For over a century a specter has haunted this road that travels through the Blue Mountains and Lithgow Mountains. It started with reports of horses becoming nervous and unruly as the bridge spanning the pass was approached. Later stories would evolve into a woman in black straddling the horses and wrenching control from the driver. This ghost is generally thought to be Caroline Collits, who was found broken and dead in 1842.

Newell Highway, NSW – The Pilliga Princess

Long before Australia was used as a prison colony the Aboriginal people had lived there since time out of mind. This native population had certain beliefs about the land, and the Newell Highway passes through an area they had long said was haunted. The proof may be that the only aboriginal person ever seen along this stretch of road is the ghost of a homeless woman pushing along a trolley of her worldly belongings. It was said that she had been hit and killed in 1993 and has been wandering the road ever since.

Lemon Tree Passage Road, NSW – Mysterious Headlights

Some stories of horror are so pernicious and so enthralling that they capture the mind and turn into a film. Lemon Tree Passage Road is one such story and is based on an actual event where a motorcyclist was struck by a group of speeding along recklessly in a car. A set of headlights is said to appear in the rear-view mirror of those who travel this road at night, appearing from seemingly nowhere. The movie was fairly well received and changed the story up enough to make it interesting for the big screen but still stayed true to its roots.
Wakehurst Parkway Lady in White

Wakehurst Parkway, NSW – Kelly

Uninvited hitchhikers are a common theme in haunted highways, and Wakehurst Parkway has one of its very own. Along with having a past dripping in darkness, it also is one of the most popular places for murder victims from Sydney to get dumped. A dubious honor as you might imagine. Kelly is the name of one of these ghosts and is the one who would appear in the back of traveler’s cars. The rumor goes if you don’t order her out of your vehicle she’ll take control and send it spiraling off the road.
So there you have it, four roads in Australia that will help you travel more than just the space between cities of the living. You’ll also be taking a trip through the land of the supernatural, and anything can happen when you traverse those dark roads.

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