Creepy Clown Masks Will Rule This Halloween

Ponder this: is it any coincidence that Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus, the operator of “Clown College,” hung up its three rings at the same time the movie “It” -- based on the Stephen King novel starring the evil Pennywise the Clown -- hit theaters nationwide?
Scary Horror Clown Behind Tree
Prior to that, more than a dozen people faced charges in Georgia, Alabama, and Virginia for taking part in menacing public stunts perpetrated while costumed as clowns. Before that, F/X network’s “American Horror Story” devoted an entire TV season to characters in a circus freak show. And, back in 2008, the late Heath Ledger’s memorable action movie portrayal of the clown-faced Joker in Batman’s “Dark Knight” kept fans awake at night.
While we’re at it…does the name John Wayne Gacy ring a bell?

Creepy Clown Masks from The Horror Dome

From Hollywood to real-life scenarios, the world’s cult-like obsession with clowns is the impetus for some of The Horror Dome’s newest additions to our costume collection, starting with the “Rot the Clown” Collector Mask. Half-corpse, half-clown, all maniac, Rot’s audience is dead tonight – thanks to him. You can almost see the children dripping from his psychotic grin.
His partner in crime, Palooka the Clown, lies in wait while you are caged, force-fed like a goose, and sporadically beaten for months. After you’re fat and tenderized, he delights in slow-roasting you over a blazing fire, but not before submitting you to his off-tune calliope-playing for days on end.
These cringe-worthy accessories, both priced under $70, are sure hits for Halloween revelers looking to jump on the popular culture bandwagon of clown haters.
Scary Horror Clown Masks

Hollywood-quality Construction

Your friends’ happy Halloween grins will transform into a frozen frown when they view the decayed faces of Rot, Palooka, and the rest of our Clown brigade. These spawn of the haunted Big Top seek to inflict great pain upon all those who dare to cross their paths.
Our Hollywood-quality Halloween masks are made of high-quality latex and feature a snug, over-the-head fit for a seamless look, especially when worn with a V- or scooped-neck shirt. The masks are hand-painted, hand-haired, and meticulously-detailed by experienced artists and craftspeople at

Guaranteed Nightmares

Need proof of how totally realistic these masks are? They will give the local trick-or-treaters bad dreams for weeks -- months! -- after the big event. Order now and be the first on your block to cause mayhem and mischief on All Hallows’ Eve, be the hit at the coolest costume party, or simply add incomparable entries to your ever-growing, personal costume collection.
In addition to awesome head gear, you can also choose from hundreds of complete costumes, props, unique Halloween decorations, animatronics, and hand and feet prosthetics to complement your outfit. Seeking slumlord status of your own haunted house? We have you covered – we also specialize in lighting and special greatly anticipates the opportunity to make you Public Enemy Number One this Halloween and all year-round!

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