A Guide to Halloween Weddings

Halloween wedding couple with pumpkin heads

There's nothing like taking a wedding theme and getting into the spirit of it. Every year fans of the spookiest time of year decide to make their big day memorable by scheduling it on All Hallow's Eve. There are so many possibilities for a wedding of this type that you may be bursting with ideas. Whether you're opting for a corpse bride, a night with zombies, or a vampire-themed crimson wedding, there's much to consider. You need the right location, solidly ghoulish foods, and the right Halloween masks and Halloween costumes to pull it all together. We'll give some tips that may help you make your big day the best Halloween bash ever.

Start With Selecting A Delightfully Ghoulish Location

Regardless of which region of the world you dwell in, there are bound to be a few locations that emanate Halloween fear. Towns with plenty of history often have older buildings with dark pasts you can make the heart of your event. If you're looking for something more whimsical, pumpkin patches and corn mazes are a perfect choice. Finding the right place starts with selecting a theme and knowing your area. What's important is that there's enough room for your guests and that it fits the mood of your wedding.

Use Costuming And Masks To Dress For The Occasion

Once you've got your theme, it's time to look for outfits that properly fit the occasion. Maybe you want all of your bridesmaids dressed up as zombies, witches, or succubi. Men in werewolf outfits can truly beast out the groom's party. Get something special for the flower girl, and why not make the ring bearer a terrifying ring bear? We would also suggest hiring a face painter for those who forget to bring a Halloween mask or Halloween costumes or don't have the ability to get one.

It's All About A Memorable Exit

While the wedding may be a hoot, wrapping it up with a stellar exit can make it all the more memorable. Consider wrapping up your vows with a kiss and then having pallbearers bring in a pair of matching coffins. Lay down in them, close the lid, and have them carry you both out to a waiting hearse. Stop halfway to the reception, put on zombie make-up, and return to the coffins. When you get to the reception hall, it's time to prop your coffins in the corner and play the song for your first dance as a married couple!

These are just a few ways to go the extra mile to make your special day super spooky. There's something about reveling in the macabre and grim that really helps us appreciate life's beauty. You can also make the invitations capture the theme by shaping them like tombstones and using archaic or dramatic occasions. You might also consider reaching out to caterers and asking what ideas they have to help the food fit the event. Whatever you do to bring the spooky to your wedding day, make sure it's a fantastic experience.

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