5 Houses in America That Are REALLY Haunted

Every October, thousands of willing Americans flock to haunted houses, eager to get frightened out of their wits. We love being scared silly and will pay good money to experience that crazy adrenaline surge.
TheHorrorDome.com has a healthy relationship with fear, and we know the architecture of terror. We are renowned for our huge range of Haunted House decorations that are real enough to be unnerving in broad daylight. We love the heart-pounding thrills of a good fright, and if you do too, these creepy, REAL LIFE haunted mansions are sure to deliver!
The sites of brutal slayings and multiple ghost sightings, here are our top recommendations for true-blue haunted properties.

Haught Mansion

We begin our ghostly tour in Brush Park, Michigan at the crumbling remains of the Haught Mansion. As urban legend goes, the now dilapidated manse was once a thriving upscale brothel, frequented by gentlemen of means up through 1941. Just a few years later, several dead bodies were discovered in the basement – their chests marked with mysterious circles.
Whaley House - San Diego California Haunted House

The Whaley House

Located in San Diego, California, The Whaley House was classified as “haunted” by the US Commerce Department in the mid-1960s. The story goes that Anna and Thomas Whaley built their home in the very spot where a young man was hanged for grand larceny in 1852. The new home owners claimed that the hanged man, known as “Yankee Jim” Robinson, made several appearances from beyond the grave. After the couple died, specters of Mr. and Mrs. Whaley and their child have since been reported.

House of Death

An unassuming brownstone in Greenwich Village, NYC is reported to be haunted by the ghosts of two dozen people who were murdered or died within its walls. The townhouse, located on West 10th Street, has a reputation for ghastly apparitions, including the ghost of a young girl who was beaten to death by her adopted father. Mark Twain once stayed in the so-called “House of Death,” and its spooky history is documented in the novel “Spindrift Spray from a Psychic Sea,” by Jan Bryant Bartell.
Pittock Mansion - Portland Oregon Haunted House

Pittock Mansion

This stately mansion -- now a public landmark – in Portland, Oregon is said to be home to paranormal activity. The sprawling manor was built by Georgianna and Henry Pittock as their retirement home in 1909. After their passing less than 10 years later, it seems that the Pittocks still reside in the hallowed walls. Visitors report seeing Henry’s portrait moving from spot to spot – all by itself --- and smelling the fresh scent of roses (which were his wife’s favorite flowers.)

Lizzie Borden House

Lizzie Borden - Fall River Massachusetts Haunted House
Without a doubt, New England’s claim to haunted fame is the Lizzie Borden house in Fall River, Massachusetts. According to locals, Lizzie Borden is still laughing at the fact that she got away with murder. In 1892, Lizzie’s father and step-mother were slain by an axe-wielding psycho and Lizzie remained the primary suspect, though she was never charged with the crime. To this day, people say they can hear her eerie cackling at the top of the steps, where she gave her step-mom 40 deadly whacks. The house is now a popular Bed & Breakfast/Museum, where the brave can spend the evening listening for the screams.

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