Rotted Zombie Scarecrow Halloween Mask

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A foe of farmer Brown, murdered and stuck out in the cornfield to keep pesky pests from nibbling away, this unlucky cadaver became zombified, and now seeks revenge on the living world. The Zombie Scarecrow lurks behind the cover of densely planted rows of corn, and waits to snag a passing victim. Don't wander too close to the cornfield, especially at night. If you glimpse his blank, emotionless eyes, or experience the pungent aroma of his decaying flesh, it's probably already too late.

The Rotted Zombie Scarecrow Halloween mask from The Horror Dome is an original creation that's made to meet Hollywood-quality standards. A classic scarecrow straight from Hell, this mask features a ferocious mouth of twisted teeth, a creepy necklace adorned with animal skulls, and a dusty and dirty-looking burlap head cover. Hand painted for by talented craftspeople for maximum realism, this frightening design will make an incredible costume, or a great collector's piece.

Acting in a haunted hayride? This is the perfect mask for your crew. Rider will shriek in delight when this undead dude emerges from the fields. Wear this mask with a flannel farmer's shirt and zombie hands for a completed look.

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