Rotted Zombie Scarecrow Halloween Mask

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Not exactly the affable fellow from Dorothy's trek down the yellow brick road, this murderous Scarecrow is also in search of a brain... to devour. How exactly this cornfield dummy became zombified is anyone's guess; the demonic world of the occult is mysterious, for sure. One thing we do know, is that he's strong, hungry, and unrelenting in is quest for flesh. Stinking up the countryside with his decaying body, he's a true nightmare come to life. The Rotted Zombie Scarecrow Halloween mask is a unique Horror Dome original. This over the head style mask will provide a seamless look when worn with a tattered overcoat or burlap sack. Hand painted for maximum realism, this petrifying product is ideal for freaking out kids on the passing hayride, a demented barnyard scene in your haunted house, or getting down at that bumping costume party. Put the "scare" back in Scarecrow with this premium design.

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