The Night Terror Boogeyman Halloween Costume

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Whether he's hiding under your bed, or creeping behind a closet door, one thing is for certain; when the lights turn off, the Boogeyman comes out to play. Generations of children have claimed to see this demonic beast lurking in the shadows, but for some reason, parents never seem to care. With no adult to protect them, all a helpless child can do is pull the covers tight and hope this nocturnal nuisance turns his attention somewhere else. With devil-like horns, pale blue skin that fades into the night, beady red eyes and long, menacing fingers, the Night Terror Boogeyman Halloween costume is a fiendish sight to behold. These premium costumes add up to one foot to your total height. Even an average sized person will seem like a towering brute in this design. Perfect for a haunted house, or big-budget looking home movie, this Horror Dome original is a hand detailed work of art.