"Black Light Fixture - 48 Inch" Haunted House Lighting

"Black Light Fixture - 48 Inch" Haunted House Lighting

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There's something supernatural about Black Light. It seems to make certain bright colors shine as if they were radioactive and can make white teeth stick out like a cheshire cat. Under these conditions, your senses start to play tricks on you. Spatial reasoning, the passage of time... everything starts to slow. Did you notice movement out of the corner of your eye? A glow worm? A scorpion? Suddenly, a vampire attacks with a burst of strobe light, fog and sound. And you go running for the door.

Set a creepy scene with the Black Light Fixture from The Horror Dome. This 48" pro-quality lamp includes a bulb, and is ready to turn on, right out of the box. They are ideal for any commercial haunted house, and will create a spooky, surreal mood. Deck out a room in your home with black lights for a record listening session, or a costume party. Calming, trippy, eerie and weird, these well-made lamps offer a large coverage area. Turn down the white lights, turn up the black lights, and get ready for some unforgettable Halloween fun.

48 inch black light with fixture. 110 watt light.