Zombie Props and Decorations


    Most people thought this day would never arrive. Alas, the ancient prophecy has come to pass; the undead are rising from their graves and attacking the living. As hordes of zombies roam the land, healthy humans fortify their homes and prepare to make one last stand. Do you and your family have what it takes to survive this apocalyptic onslaught? Or will you end up a snack for these wicked walkers?

    Create a shockingly grotesque undead uprising scene with Zombie Halloween props and decorations from The Horror Dome. Choose from a freakish selection that includes zombie beast puppets that are great for entertaining a crowd, hand detailed statues that look strikingly realistic, zombie risers that make the perfect addition to your haunted graveyard, and more amazing designs. Whether you're running a commercial attraction, putting together a front porch Halloween display that will cause passing motorists to pull over and take pictures, or throwing a monster costume party that will be the stuff of legends for years to come, these horrifying zombie props are sure to impress. Shop The Horror Dome today, and find the Halloween zombie decorations you need to take your fright game to the next level.

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