Skeleton Halloween Animatronics


No bones about it, a spooky scary skeleton has got to be the classic Halloween prop. Combine that classic with high-quality Halloween animatronics and the demented imaginations of the team at the Horror Dome, and you’ve got something truly memorable. As a classic of horror, the skeleton has earned a collection of its very own, and within has to be some of our favorite pieces. Each skeleton animatronic uses high-quality materials to create an enduring piece that you can be certain will last through hundreds of haunt night scares.

Among them can be found the “Lunging Peeper,” which rises forward and shoots out to scare your patrons while spraying a mist for a tactile effect. His howling scream just adds the final touches to an already horrifying experience. Are you working on a farm scene? Consider the Hay Bale popper, a skeleton hidden in a prop that’s perfect for your next barn themed room. Think about doing a shipwreck scene? Try Shipwreck Sam, an old pirate rising from the grave for his last drink of Red Rum.

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