Professional Halloween Animatronics


At the Horror Dome, we make any haunted house or local carnival a mind-blowing experience. Our professional Halloween animatronics are the crucial key to a striking success. Our Halloween animatronics have served movie industries and haunts attractions since 1999, and thus we bring a wide selection of creatures and ghouls for any of your horror demands.

Our professional animatronics come with the most elegant and most fluid motions for a true representation of fears and scares, and come made with external features made from silicone, rubber, fabricated fibers, and clothes to have all that’s make-believe come to life. Each professional Halloween animatronic contains more than proficient internal mechanisms, creating fluid motion and competent sound for graphic display. Our professional animatronics can turn any narrative into a lifelike scenario and have the ability to grab hold of the imagination and fill it with terror.

Our selection features professional Halloween animatronics at various prices, and we offer creatures such as zombies, gravediggers, torture victims, and crawling clowns to appeal to all the phobias out there for your creative expenditures.

1 product

1 product