Costume Robes


As you walk through the forest on a cold autumn evening, you notice a figureless shadow backlit by the full moon. You've heard about wicked pagan rituals being practiced out here, but didn't think they could possibly be true. Suddenly you find yourself surrounded by these eerie creatures. Are they dark priests, hungry vampires, or the minions of Death himself? All you can make out is their long, flowing, mysterious robes as they move in for the kill.

Halloween costume robes from The Horror Dome will help you create a bone-chilling character. Choose from a number of designs, including classic Grim Reapers, miscellaneous macabre demons, evil clergy and sorcerers, and more. All of these high-quality costumes feature full-body robes.

Add a new storyline to your haunted house attraction, cut a rug at the masquerade ball, or freak out trick or treaters as they approach your front porch in search of candy. LARP with your buddies and play the helpful healer or powerful wizard who will guide you troop through the enchanted forest. You'll find a robe adds a hint of mystery and intrigue to any character.

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1 product