Clown Masks


A trip to the circus is supposed to astound, titillate, inspire and leave you filled with wonder. From the trained lions and elephants to the dexterous performers flying through the air, they’re always a great time for everyone. Under that bright and wondrous exterior can be found the seeping rot of horror to any with an eye to see. There is a reason that clowns unsettle people of all ages, sending chills of fright down the spine of anyone who meets one unaware.

Little surprise then that these unholy abominations have inspired one of our most varied and fright-filled collections of Halloween masks. Here you’ll find the cannibalistic Zero the Zombie Clown with his mouth of glinting fangs, Rot the Clown with two faces no mother could love, and that arachnoclown King of them all, Pennywise. Every one of these Halloween masks is inspired by the classic clown and derived into a stunningly unique horror of their very own.

Crafted from premium quality latex that provides a stunningly realistic appearance, these clown masks represent some of the finest craftsmanship from our workshops. If you’re looking to give a pants-wettingly terrifying experience to your favorite coulraphobe, you’ll find it here.

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1 product