The Mortuary Assistant Review: A Revitalizing Game For The Horror Industry

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Working with dead bodies requires a unique type of individual. You must be unafraid and have a certain amount of bravery. Long periods spent alone with the departed, wondering whether they will move at any moment, can't be easy. They're dead, thank goodness, so it shouldn't ever be a problem, right? You can anticipate the unexpected in DarkStone Digital's The Mortuary Assistant.

A Review of The Mortuary Assistant

You take on the role of Rebecca Owens in The Mortuary Assistant, a young lady who has accepted an apprenticeship at River Fields Mortuary. Things seemed quite typical after spending years earning a degree in mortuary services, but then one night, she gets a call from her boss requesting her to cover his shift at the morgue. Rebecca rushes over to River Fields Mortuary as soon as she agrees, only to find herself imprisoned shortly after that. She quickly discovers that her boss had locked her inside, although he claimed to have a crucial justification. It seems that one of the deceased bodies has a demon that has its sights set on Rebecca. 

The two primary gameplay objectives in The Mortuary Assistant are carrying out your mortician tasks and figuring out who and where the demonic danger to Rebecca is. The majority of the gameplay is devoted to performing embalming activities on the body in an appropriate manner. It is disgusting and terrible in some ways but strangely rewarding. 

You must complete a predetermined list of duties to prepare each body for its final resting place. These include taking note of any defects or markings on the corpse, stitching their lips shut, completely emptying the body, and substituting embalming fluids for the body's liquids. On paper, the gameplay cycle of getting the departed ready for their funerals might seem dull, but it's pretty therapeutic when you're doing it in the game. Once you have completed all the tasks on your list, it is time to return the items to cold storage. If the demon decides it's not through with you yet, that is.

Demon hunting is the second part of the gameplay that is included here. However, just because Rebecca is hunting demons does not imply that Rebecca will succeed Constantine. The Mortuary Assistant takes a more puzzle-solving approach to demon hunting. Rebecca will record any markings or anomalies on the patient's body as she goes about her embalming duties. She may detect oddities or discrepancies as she embalms each body, such as markings that weren't there before, twitching, or full-body contortions. The demon has far more evil tricks if the latter looks more extreme than you had anticipated. 

Numerous fans have pointed out that no two "shifts" are the same. And that proves true since there are six different endings you can achieve. Even the jump scares differ each time you play. Numerous games boast this unique gameplay, but Mortuary Assistant holds to that claim.

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