Our Signature Masks are the Perfect Finishing Touch to Your Costume

Halloween is coming just around the corner. Like last year, everyone feels the need to do something more terrifying than the year before. That means it’s time to start shopping for your next Halloween costume. The theater grade quality of The Horror Dome’s cool latex masks are sure to inspire feelings of exquisite terror in everyone you meet while wearing them. Our selection includes vampires, werewolves, zombies, even zombie werewolves! You’re sure to find something that will tickle your horror bone and be the perfect finishing touch to a spooktacular costume!
Vladimir the Vampire comfort mask

Vladimir The Vampire Comfort Mask

Vampires have been a classic standby of Halloween costumes ever since Bela Lugosi codified the white face paint and cape look of classic B Horror. Vampires have come a long way since then, and we’re not talking about the sparkling abomination of Twilight fame. Vladimir here brings horror back to vampires with its fetid green skin and teeth clearly meant to leave your jugular gushing. Even better our Vladimir the Vampire comfort mask gives all the appearance of being a full latex mask while providing the comfort of a partial mask thanks to its attached hood. There’s no reason that you have to smell like the undead after playing one for Halloween, and this breathable mask proves it!
Grave Robber Ghoul Comfort Mask

Grave Robber Ghoul Comfort Mask

These protruding eyes may be the first thing your corpse sees after your living eyes have seen their last. With its inhuman face and rows of sharp teeth, you may find yourself wondering, and hoping you never learn, what this beast does once it has dug up its treasured corpses. Like his friend Vladimir, our Grave Robber Ghoul comfort mask is comfortable to wear thanks to the included hood. If you ask nicely, he’s likely to take it off and let you borrow it for a spell. Dig up graves in comfort and style with this incredible mask from The Horror Dome.
Wicked Witch Comfort Mask

Wicked Witch Comfort Mask

Common lore will tell you that witches are green, have warts, and are ugly as sin. Our Wicked Witch comfort mask shows that one out of three is more than enough for a bone-chilling scare. Our researches went to the homeland of this wicked creature and scouted her for days (between many a charm and ward) until they got a clear look at her face. They returned home with their quarry to produce this mask, though they, unfortunately, had to be sent off to the Asylum shortly afterward for issues we’re sure were unrelated. Like the grave robber and Vladimir mask, this one is designed to be comfortable to wear. After all, wearing your mask all Halloween shouldn’t feel like a curse!
These are just some of the great offerings from The Horror Dome’s Signature Halloween Masks line. There are plenty of other options available for the discerning shopper, and several of them are new for 2019! Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s time to get your haunted visage in order so you can make the most of the best season of the year.

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