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You have to imagine that a team that spends as much time putting together replicas and masks of some of the world’s most horrible creatures ends up with a rather twisted imagination. When Halloween starts rolling around we encourage them to turn that imagination into a great line of Halloween props for the season. Sometimes they come up with things more disturbing than reality, and other times they simply produce top tier work on common themes. We offer up this selection and allow you decide which is which.

Blue Ghost Apparition

Blue Ghost Apparition

The blue ghost apparition decoration is one of our favorites that have come from this team. The detail work on it is incredible, and the combination of bare bones and rotting entrails is masterfully balanced. This piece is a popular purchase among Haunted Houses and store owners alike, and can provide incredible scares when properly deployed. The best thing about this model is that it’s hand made when you order it, so you’ll know he’s… fresh?

Giant Professional Spider

Animated Giant Professional Spider

Animated Giant Professional Spider arachnophobia is a remarkably common ailment ranging in severity from a squicked out ‘ick’ to a screaming tirade against the foul beasts. No matter where you fall on that spectrum this spider is sure to get quite the reaction from you. We’re all used to dealing with everyday spiders, but this monstrosity surely came out of some arachnophobic nightmare. Perhaps the most terrifying thing about this spider decoration is that its creator swears that there are spiders in the world that get almost this big. We didn’t believe him until we looked up the Goliath Tarantula. If they get bigger than that, we don’t want to know.

Robbie Rotten Zombie Kid Prop

Robbie Rotten Zombie Kid Prop

We all know that zombies are clearly terrifying, and children can be creepy. It should come as no surprise that one of the twisted minds in our creation department decided to combine the two in the bone-chilling Robbie Rotten Zombie Kid Prop. Unlike the others on this list that are pure imagination, our creator swears to us that this creature used to haunt the graveyards around their house. Some evenings it would come up and stare in his window, whispering “come out and play” until the first rays of the sun broke the horizon. We’re opting to believe that he took creative license with this story, but that hasn’t kept us from locking our windows and drawing the blinds.

These three items represent some of the best articles to come out of our Halloween Props department, and they’re sure to add an unnerving chill to your celebration. Whether you hang it in your store front to capture the eye of people on the street, or use it to liven up your Haunted House this upcoming Halloween, they’re sure to be a hit. You should also spend some time combing through the rest of our Halloween Prop selection, our creation team does a great job of scaring up new ideas every year.

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