Boston's Most Haunted Locations

Emerson’s Cutler Majestic Theater

If you’re traveling through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and are looking for haunted locations to visit that have historical significance, you may want to take a look at some of the following stops. Boston has the distinction of being one of the country’s oldest cities, and with that age, it has experienced some of the most trying times it has ever faced.

Emerson’s Cutler Majestic Theater

Theaters all over the world have a standing reputation for being haunted, and Emerson’s Cutler Majestic Theater located on Tremont Street in Boston Common is no exception. Throughout its past, it has been the home of multiple performances and varied experiences, including the death of a Boston Mayor. He still regularly makes performances if the stories are true, as do a mysterious couple and their daughter. These latter specters are regularly seen in the upper balcony, floating above the seats.

Fort Warren

Military Forts also have a reputation for being the source of spectral activity, especially those that have seen action during wartime. Fort Warren has the distinction of being a place where Confederate soldiers and those who were not loyal to the North were imprisoned during the Civil War. Among their more notable prisoners was the VP of the Confederated States of America, Alexander Hamilton Stephens. Another notable ghost is that of Mrs. Lanier, who had traveled to help her husband escape from the prison and managed to get to him before being spotted by a guard. The exchange that followed involved her having the pistol she was holding knocked from her hand, which subsequently went off and killed her husband where he stood. Mrs. Lanier was subsequently hung and still haunts the Fort.

Omni Parker House Hotel

Hotels are one of the most common spots for hauntings to occur, most likely due to the sheer number of people who pass through their halls. The Omni Parker House Hotel is notable for having what appears to be a haunted elevator that will occasionally stop on the third floor regardless of there being no one to press the button present. If there is a ghost there it seems likely that its that of Charles Dickens, the esteemed writer who once occupied this floor. That’s not the only haunting presence here, however. Another is Harvey Parker, the previous owner of the hotel whose spirit apparently still wanders the 10th floor.

Granary Park Burying Grounds

Granary Park Burying Grounds

This Boston cemetery hosts the bodies, and spirits, of several notable members of American history. The most recognizable is that of Patriot Paul Revere who is said to wander the graveyard mounted atop the spirit of the horse that carried him through his midnight ride. The Granary Park Burying Grounds itself is beautiful, with a somber air reinforced by iron gates and picturesque trees that stand throughout.

These destinations just scrape the tip of the haunted iceberg that is Boston’s haunted areas. Every year thousands of tourists from around the country come to see this edifice to history, and some of them are looking for more than a souvenir to take home with them. If you’re looking for a spiritual experience to take home from your visit to Boston, try the above stops. And once you get back home, you can have your own haunted experience with some of our scariest halloween masks and halloween costumes.

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