Frightening Halloween Animatronics

Frightening Halloween Animatronics

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Animatronic Halloween Decorations

Complete your home haunt or make a killing this year with your professional haunted attraction with The Horror Dome's huge selection of Haunted House and animatronic Halloween decorations.

Breathe Life into Your Haunt with Dynamic Halloween Animatronics

Static Halloween Props are awesome of course, but to truly go to the next level your haunt needs LIFE! Our selection of amazing animatronics for Halloween will truly catch the eye of all and scare unsuspecting visitors of all ages, including our latest releases of New Halloween Animatronics, our line of affordable Electric Halloween animated props for 2021 and Air Blasters & Controllers and Mechanisms & Frames to make your own Halloween Animatronics from any Halloween Props, plus much more!

Scary Animatronics

Animatronic Creatures

Experience unparalleled terror with our realistic animatronics. From our heart-stopping Vampire in mid-death agony to the eerie Jack O'Lantern and spine-chilling Spider Drop.

Animatronic Zombies

Fear the dead reborn with us!
Spine-tingling terror with our Animatronic Zombies. From the iconic shambling undead to our "Ghoul Gravestone Jumper" and the frantic "Zombie Outbreak Shock", we've crafted every nightmare in lifelike detail. 

Animatronic Clowns

Prepare for a haunting circus experience!
Step right up and face your deepest fears with our Animatronic Clowns collection. From the ceiling-crawling nightmare to the chainsaw-wielding Psycho Clown Cut-Up, we've engineered every terror in vibrant detail. 

Animatronic Humans
Beware the real among the unreal!
From the half-man "Hanging Meat" to the eerie "Grave Digger" and the spellbinding Wizard, our hyper realistic designs promise to terrify with lifelike horror. Beware the real among the unreal!

Skelton Animatronic 

Bone-chilling thrills await! 
Crafted by Horror Dome's twisted minds, each skeleton—from the mist-spraying "Lunging Peeper" to "Shipwreck Sam" thirsting for Red Rum—promises timelessly terrifying experiences.

Alien Animatronic
Ensure your next haunt is interstellar spine-chilling with our alien masterpieces!

Embark on a cosmic journey with our Alien Animatronics. From Lovecraftian horrors to familiar extraterrestrial terrors, our collection melds sci-fi fear with quality craftsmanship.

 Graveyard Animatronic

Timeless terror with our Graveyard Animatronics.

Crafted with precision, our collection brings classics like bat-winged vampires and risen zombies to life. From mausoleums to eerie rides with “Going My Way? Ghosts”, our animatronics promise graveyard chills aplenty!

Torture Animatronic

Experience fear in its rawest form!
Step into the darkest depths of horror with our Torture Animatronics. Designed to evoke pure dread, these macabre creations capture chilling scenes of torment with lifelike precision.

General Animatronics

Professional Animatronic

Elevate your haunt with Horror Dome's Professional Animatronics. Serving industry giants since '99, our creations blend fluid motion, lifelike materials, and immersive sound. From zombies to clowns, we masterfully bring every nightmare to life, ensuring unparalleled terror.

Electric Animatronic

Elevate your Halloween with our electric animatronics.
Harnessing household power, we bring unparalleled horror, from fire-breathing dragons to uncanny monsters. Airbrushed to perfection and designed for fluidity, our creations promise a hauntingly memorable night.

Budget Animatronic

Elevate your spook game!
Horror Dome offers affordable yet quality Halloween animatronics. Crafted with premium materials for realism, our designs ensure maximum scares without breaking the bank. Even on a budget, expect fluid movements and lifelike horrors that redefine Halloween frights.

Fixtures Furniture 

Animatronic Barrels

Elevate your haunt!
Dive into unpredictable thrills with our Animatronic Barrels Collection. Unassuming yet filled with potential terror, our barrels guarantee unexpected scares. From subtle rumbles to sudden bursts, we craft each barrel with utmost realism for unmatched frights.

Furniture / House Props

 Create your perfect fright fest with the scariest Halloween and haunted house props

Live Actor Shocktronics 

Experience the blend of live actors and tech with our Shocktronics.
As visitors assume it's just another animatronic, costumed actors bring unexpected terror. With lifelike latex designs, this collection ensures memorable, heart-stopping scares for any haunt.

Fortune Teller Machines

 Dare to know your fate?
Step into the world of mystic predictions with our Fortune Teller Machines! Crafted with detail and enchantment, these machines promise glimpses of the future. Perfect for spicing up any event, they add an aura of magic and curiosity.

Animatronic Mechanisms

Animatronic Air Blaster & Controls

Elevate your animatronic game with our collection of Air Blasters & Animatronic Controllers!
Perfect for interactive exhibits, haunted attractions, or personal projects. Discover the power of control with our high-quality, user-friendly devices.

Mechanisms & Frames
Unearth the backbone of terror with our Mechanisms & Frames!
Essential for bringing your Halloween animatronics to life, they ensure your scares are seamless. From drop panel haunts to dynamic monsters, we've got the sturdy structure you need.




Horror Dome masks, costumes and props are not available in stores, as the manufacturer we only sell our Collector masks, costumes and props right here on our website. This insures that you will have an original Horror Dome mask design and not a cheap knock off.

Horror Dome Studios products are made thicker but are still
very comfortable so they last longer and could take much more abuse than other
Halloween products on the market. We also have Hollywood artists sculpting our
designs keeping every product we make original. Each Horror Dome product is
hand painted for the most realistic look possible. Our products are not sold in
stores so you can be guaranteed not to have the same over produced product that
everyone else has.

A Pre-Order is an item that has not yet been released by the
manufacturer, but is available to be ordered in advanced.

Pre-Ordering an item is a great way to guarantee yourself a
place in line, as we ship on a first come first serve basis.

The expected ship month for the product is an estimate of
our release date. It is the most accurate information we have, but not
necessarily a guarantee.

If you place a Pre-Order, you will be billed now to
guarantee your place in line. There are no cancellations on Pre-Orders since
once you place your order the product will be added to our production list and
we will start making it for you.

Credit Cards accepted: American Express - Discover - MasterCard - Visa.We also accept PayPal, Sezzle and Amazon Pay.

Yes, we do ship internationally. It will cost more to ship your order internationally than within the United States. Delivery times are also longer for international shipping.

Often when you purchase more than one item, it will come from more than one studio or warehouse. This means that the rest of your order is being sent separately and can sometimes arrive at different times.

Another possibility is that one of the items is out of stock. When this occurs, the amount of that item plus its shipping will be refunded back to your card (or PayPal or check in the mail).

If your mask too loose, you can glue some new and unused sponges or sheet foam cut to size into the inside using rubber cement or silicone bathtub caulk. If it is too tight, you might consider slitting the back. However, it is very rare that a mask is too tight as our artists design our pieces with wear ability in mind.

By such and such date - we cannot make promises on delivery times, and do not accept refunds for any non-Halloween deadline. You can always email and ask.

Keep your mask on a wig stand, or something roughly head-shaped. Keep them out of heat. Keep them out of sunlight and fluorescent lighting. If the mask becomes distorted (remember latex is a natural product) use a blow drier on the low-heat setting. Store covered in a plastic bag, or in a sealed display case.

If we Still haven't answered your question? Contact us!

Halloween Masks Collection at The Horror Dome

Horror Dome Studios Masks

Your horror experts at the Horror Dome are proud to present you with a collection of high-quality Halloween masks to bring a new level of fright to your life. With our collection of ghosts, ghouls, aliens, cryptids, and more, you’ll be able to steal the show during your next masquerade ball, Halloween gathering or when you Trick or Treat.

All our Halloween masks for adults are fashioned from the highest quality latex by our terror inspired craftsmen to give the most realistic horror experience to everyone you encounter during your masked escapades. Each of our scary Halloween mask lines brings its own special flair to the design, from our movie-quality HD Studio Masks to our Ultra-Realistic Silicone Halloween Masks that turn your every movement into a fresh dose of horror to your costume.

If you’re looking for the perfect face for your next haunted costumed horror event, the Horror Dome has scary Halloween masks that are sure to steal the show.