"Ravenger" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask
"Ravenger" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask
"Ravenger" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

"Ravenger" HD Studios Pro Mask

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The zombie apocalypse has begun, and The Ravenger is on the prowl. Searching the land for fresh human meat, this murderous malcontent won't be stopped until his hunger is satisfied. You notice his ghostly frame, silhouetted against a full moon on a nearby ridge. Soon, The Ravenger and hundreds like him will be clawing at your front door. Try to outrun the undead horde, or fortify your position for a final stand. Whatever course of action you choose, your odds of survival are slim.

This possessed corpse is a Horror Dome original. The Ravenger is a movie-quality Halloween mask that features blood-stained, wiry hair, decaying flesh, and a skeleton face that not even a mother could love. Black mesh eyes allow you to see clearly while looking completely terrifying. A full, over the head design, this mask offers chest and shoulder coverage that provides a realistic, seamless effect when worn with an old overcoat, torn up dress shirt, or dirty v-neck.

Whether you're going to a macabre masquerade, a classic costume party, or hosting a haunted house, The Ravenger will be a surefire hit. Stalk your neighbors from behind the bush, or get down on the dance floor in this amazing creation.

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