Unleash the Extraterrestrial: The Ultimate Guide to Alien Masks and Costumes

Alien Masks and Costumes

Welcome to The Horror Dome, your premier destination for all things horror and sci-fi! Whether you're preparing for Halloween, a themed party, or a cosplay event, we've got you covered. Today, we're exploring the fascinating world of alien masks and costumes. From iconic Grey aliens to terrifying extraterrestrial creatures, our collection has everything you need to make your alien invasion unforgettable.

The Allure of Alien Costumes

Alien costumes have a unique charm, blending mystery, fear, and fascination. Their otherworldly features can transform any event into an unforgettable experience. Here’s why alien costumes captivate us:

  • Universal Appeal: Aliens appear in folklore and media across the globe.
  • Versatility: Be a friendly extraterrestrial or a menacing invader.
  • Imagination: Alien costumes allow endless creativity, from designing your own persona to drawing inspiration from popular movies and TV shows.

Top Alien Masks and Backstories

"Alien Grey" Alien Mask

"Alien Grey" Alien Mask

Backstory: Originating from Zeta Reticuli, the Grey aliens have been silently observing Earth for millennia. Their advanced technology and telepathic abilities make them formidable yet enigmatic visitors. They come to study human behavior and gather data for unknown purposes.
Features: Classic Grey alien look with large black eyes, smooth grey skin, made from high-quality latex. Lightweight and comfortable for extended wear.
Halloween Mask "Roswell Alien" HD Studios Comfort Fit

Roswell Alien HD Studios Comfort Fit Halloween Mask


Backstory: In 1947, a spacecraft crash in Roswell, New Mexico, sparked the most famous UFO conspiracy theory. The alien found at the crash site, known for its large cranium and haunting eyes, was a scout on a mission to establish contact with Earth.
Features: Detailed design with a large cranium and haunting black eyes. Comfort fit with breathable material.

"Area 51 Alien" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

Area 51 Alien HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask


Backstory: Captured during a covert operation near Area 51, this alien has been the subject of secret experiments and studies. Its elongated skull and expressive eyes suggest a species far more advanced than humans, capable of interstellar travel and mind manipulation.
Features: High-detail mask with an elongated skull and deep eyes. Hand-painted for a realistic and menacing appearance.

Alien Mind Control Halloween mask by The Horror Dome. Unique original design of terrifying grey alien with victim under mind control. Features lightweight durable foam construction, comfortable all-night wear, and chilling realistic details. Perfect for completing abduction-themed costumes and haunted houses

Alien Mind Control HD Studios Mask



Backstory: Hailing from a distant planet where telepathy is the norm, these aliens can control minds and communicate without words. Their presence on Earth is marked by unexplained phenomena and sudden changes in human behavior.
Features: Intricate designs suggesting telepathy and mind control abilities. Eerie blue skin and luminous eyes for a supernatural look.

"Grey Alien" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

Grey Alien HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

Backstory: The Greys have been visiting Earth for centuries, observing and studying human progress. As part of an ancient alliance, they aim to protect the galaxy from cosmic threats while learning from other civilizations.
Features: Realistic mask with large almond-shaped eyes and a smooth grey complexion. Hand-painted details enhance authenticity.
"Alien Cyclops" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

Alien Cyclops HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask


Backstory: From the Cyclopean star system, these aliens evolved with a single, highly advanced eye capable of seeing across multiple dimensions. Their unique vision allows them to perceive and manipulate time and space in ways humans cannot comprehend.
Features: Unique mask with a single large eye in the center of the forehead. Detailed sculpt and hand-painted for a striking effect.

"Alien Grey" Halloween Mask

Alien Grey Halloween Mask



Backstory: These Greys come from a different region of the galaxy, exhibiting subtle physical variations but sharing the same mission of exploration and research. Their advanced knowledge of genetics allows them to alter their appearance slightly to adapt to different environments.
Features: Another take on the classic Grey alien with different texture and shading. Enhances the eerie effect with unique details.

"Gray the Alien" Silicone Halloween Mask

Gray The Alien Silicone Halloween Mask


Backstory: This alien is a diplomat from an interstellar federation, visiting Earth to establish peaceful relations and share advanced technology. Their mission is to promote unity and cooperation among different species across the cosmos.
Features: High-quality silicone mask with detailed alien features. Provides a lifelike feel and superior comfort.

"Andromeda Resurrection" Alien Halloween Mask

Andromeda Resurrection Alien Halloween Mask


Backstory: From the Andromeda galaxy, this alien species experienced a catastrophic event that led to their resurrection-like appearance. They are on a quest to rebuild their civilization, using any means necessary to achieve their goals.
Features: Frightening, skeletal design with hollow eyes and a ghoulish grin. Crafted for an otherworldly look with exceptional detail.


Top Alien Costumes

"Area 51 Alien" HD Studios Halloween Costume

Area 51 Alien HD Studios Comfort Fit Halloween Costume


Features: Complete with a detailed mask and matching bodysuit. Made from high-quality materials for durability and comfort.
"The Creeper" Professional Alien Prop

The Creeper Professional Halloween Costume


Features: Features a monstrous, detailed design with a full-body suit. Intricate details and hand-painted finish.

Area 51 Space Suit

Area 51 Space Suit


Features: Futuristic space suit for an authentic alien look. Detailed design with high-quality materials.
"Zenomorph" Professional Halloween Costume

Zenomorph Professional Halloween Costume


Features: Highly detailed costume with an intimidating design. Made from durable materials for long-lasting use.

"Little Brother Chest Piece" Halloween Costume Accessory

Little Brother Chest Piece Halloween Costume Accessory


Features: A chest piece accessory for an enhanced alien look. Adds an extra layer of detail to any costume.
"Evolve Bug in Lab Coat" HD Studios Pro Halloween Costume

Evolve Bug in Lab Coat HD Studios Pro Halloween Costume

  • Features: Unique bug-like design with a lab coat. High-quality materials for a realistic and durable costume.

Ready to transform into an unforgettable extraterrestrial being? Check out The Horror Dome’s extensive collection of alien masks and costumes to create your ultimate otherworldly look. Whether you're aiming for a classic Grey alien or a terrifying Andromeda resurrection, we have everything you need to stand out.

Explore our full collection of Alien Masks and Alien Costumes.


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