Clown Costumes: Transforming Nightmares into Reality

Clowns have long been a staple of both childhood joy and eerie nightmares. From the whimsical entertainers under the big top to the sinister figures lurking in our darkest fears, clowns embody a duality that makes them perfect for Halloween. offers a variety of clown costumes that capture the entire spectrum of clownish terror. Here, we explore some of the most captivating clown costumes available and the chilling backstories that bring them to life.

Wares the Clown

Wares the Clown was once the beloved star of a traveling circus, known for his enchanting performances and joyful demeanor. He could juggle, perform magic tricks, and make even the grumpiest audience members laugh. However, a tragic fire that destroyed the circus left Wares horribly disfigured and driven to madness. The blaze, believed to have been set by a jealous rival, consumed everything he loved and left him with deep scars and a heart filled with rage.

Now, he roams the ruins of the circus grounds, seeking revenge on those he blames for the catastrophe. His once joyful face is now twisted into a permanent mask of rage and sorrow, and he lures unsuspecting victims with the promise of a fun-filled circus show, only to reveal his true, vengeful nature.

Clown Costume

Embody the haunting presence of Wares with the Wares the Clown HD Studios Night Terror Costume.  This costume features a detailed mask and tattered costume, perfect for a night of terror.

Clown costume

Big Top Clown

The Big Top Clown is a relic of the golden age of circuses, a cheerful performer who brought joy to audiences of all ages. Dressed in vibrant colors and always ready with a joke, this clown represents the playful side of circus life. However, after the circus closed down, the Big Top Clown was left behind, wandering the deserted fairgrounds with a longing for the days of laughter and applause.
As time passed, his cheerful facade began to crack, and he became a shadow of his former self. At night, the once lively circus grounds are eerily silent, except for the faint sound of carnival music and the Big Top Clown’s haunting laughter echoing through the empty tents. Some say that if you visit the abandoned circus at night, you can see him performing his old routines, trying to recapture the magic of his past.

Big Top Clown Costume

Bring the nostalgic charm and eerie presence of the Big Top Clown to life with the Big Top Clown Suit Multicolor Value Costume This costume captures the vibrant and classic look of a traditional circus clown.


Creepy Clown Value Costume

Creepy Clown

The Creepy Clown was once a fixture at local fairs, delighting children with balloon animals and magic tricks. Behind his painted smile, however, lay a sinister secret. The Creepy Clown used his act to lure unsuspecting victims into his lair, a hidden funhouse filled with traps and horrors. Many who entered the funhouse were never seen again, their screams drowned out by the cheerful carnival music.

Rumors began to spread about the clown who never seemed to age, and whispers of dark rituals performed in the dead of night grew louder. The Creepy Clown’s power grew with each new soul he captured, feeding his dark magic and extending his unnaturally long life. To this day, he continues his gruesome work, always searching for new victims to satisfy his hunger.

Creepy Clown Costume

Transform into the nightmarish Creepy Clown with the Creepy Clown Value Costume . This costume features a terrifying mask and sinister outfit, perfect for haunting any Halloween event.


Die Laughing Clown

The Die Laughing Clown was a comedian whose jokes were so funny, they could make anyone laugh to death—literally. His performances were legendary, and people traveled from far and wide to see his act. But after a string of mysterious deaths among his audience members, the clown was cursed by a vengeful spirit, turning his once-harmless act into a deadly performance.

Now, he prowls the streets, his laughter echoing in the night, seeking new victims to join his macabre audience. His jokes, once a source of joy, now bring only terror and death. He carries a cursed comedy mask, which he dons before each deadly performance, and anyone who hears his laughter is doomed to die laughing.

Die Laughing Clown Costume

Bring the chilling tale of the Die Laughing Clown to life with the Die Laughing Clown Value Costume. This costume includes a gruesome mask and outfit, perfect for a night of deadly jokes.

Pennywise (Adult Size)

Pennywise, the Dancing Clown, is an ancient, cosmic evil that preys on the children of Derry, Maine, every 27 years. Known for his eerie smile and sinister charm, Pennywise lures his victims with promises of fun and games, only to reveal his true, terrifying form before devouring their fear—and their bodies. His origins are shrouded in mystery, but his presence brings dread and despair wherever he appears.

Pennywise can take on various forms, each one tailored to exploit his victim's deepest fears. His most famous guise is that of the sinister clown, with bright red hair, a painted white face, and a disturbingly wide grin. He uses his supernatural powers to manipulate reality, making it difficult for his victims to distinguish between what is real and what is an illusion.

Pennywise Costume 

Transform into the iconic horror figure with the Pennywise Movie Halloween Costume. This costume captures the chilling essence of Pennywise, perfect for fans of Stephen King’s "It."

Pennywise Movie Halloween Costume

Killer Klown (Shorty)

Shorty is one of the malevolent extraterrestrial clowns from the cult classic film "Killer Klowns from Outer Space." These alien clowns arrived on Earth in a giant circus tent-shaped spaceship, bringing chaos and death to a small town. Shorty, with his sinister grin and penchant for turning humans into cotton candy, is one of the most feared members of the Klown crew.

Shorty and his fellow clowns use their twisted circus antics to capture and consume humans, using weapons disguised as harmless toys. Despite their playful appearance, the Killer Klowns are ruthless predators, and their brightly colored costumes and makeup hide a deadly intent.

Killer Klown Costume

Become the extraterrestrial nightmare with the Killer Klown Shorty Movie Halloween Costume. This costume features an authentic design from the film, perfect for fans of this unique horror classic.

Pennywise Deluxe Women’s Halloween Costume

Pennywise (Deluxe Women’s)

The female incarnation of Pennywise is just as terrifying as her male counterpart, luring victims with a sinister charm and an even more menacing presence. This version of Pennywise preys on the fears of her victims, transforming into their worst nightmares before delivering the final, deadly blow. Her guise of a playful and inviting clown hides a malevolent entity that thrives on fear and suffering.

She wanders the streets of Derry, Maine, enticing children with promises of fun and games. Once she has gained their trust, she reveals her true, monstrous form, feeding on their terror. Her ability to shapeshift and manipulate reality makes her an even more formidable foe, ensuring that her victims have little chance of escape.

Pennywise Costume

Capture the essence of this fearsome character with the Pennywise Deluxe Women’s Halloween Costume This costume offers a detailed and feminine take on the iconic horror figure.

Circus Psycho Value Clown Halloween Costume

Circus Psycho

The Circus Psycho was once a star acrobat who suffered a tragic fall during a performance, resulting in severe injuries and disfigurement. Unable to perform and abandoned by the circus, he was driven to madness by his isolation and pain. Now, he haunts the circus grounds, seeking revenge on those who abandoned him and anyone who dares to enter his domain.

With a twisted smile and a penchant for chaos, the Circus Psycho delights in terrorizing his victims. He uses his acrobatic skills to move swiftly and silently, making it nearly impossible for his prey to escape. His distorted face and maniacal laughter strike fear into the hearts of anyone who encounters him, turning the once joyful circus into a place of nightmares.

Circus Psycho Costume

Embody the vengeful spirit of the Circus Psycho with the Circus Psycho Value Clown Halloween Costume This costume features a deranged mask and outfit, perfect for a terrifying transformation.

Last Laugh the Zombie Clown HD Studios Pro Costume

Last Laugh the Zombie Clown

Last Laugh was a beloved clown who entertained children at parties and fairs. He was known for his infectious laughter and kind heart. However, during a sudden zombie outbreak, Last Laugh was caught in the crossfire and transformed into a horrifying undead version of his former self. Now, as a Zombie Clown, he roams the streets, his decayed face and tattered costume a haunting reminder of the cheerful clown he once was.

Driven by an insatiable hunger for human flesh, Last Laugh preys on the living, his laughter now a chilling sound that signals impending doom. He still carries his old clown props, but they have been twisted into deadly weapons. Despite his grotesque appearance, there are moments when a glimmer of his former self shines through, making him a tragic and terrifying figure.

Last Laugh the Zombie Clown Costume

Bring the horrifying tale of Last Laugh to life with the Last Laugh the Zombie Clown HD Studios Pro Costume. This costume includes a gruesome mask and tattered costume, perfect for a night of undead terror.

Clown Costumes

Clown costumes offer a unique blend of whimsy and horror, making them perfect for Halloween. Each costume from comes with its own chilling backstory, ready to bring your nightmares to life. Whether you’re drawn to the classic horror of Pennywise or the eerie charm of Wares the Clown, these costumes are sure to make your Halloween unforgettable.

Explore the full range of clown costumes and more at and find the perfect outfit to haunt your dreams.

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