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TheHorrorDome.com has searched the country for the best, scariest and goriest Haunted House and Halloween Props. We've collected here for you the Props that truly blew us away, and designed and created anything we couldn't find as a Horror Dome Exclusive! The result is the greatest, most comprehensive collection of high quality professional affordable Haunted House and Halloween Costumes around. Our selection of exclusive Halloween Props can only be found right here at TheHorrorDome.com, including our signature line of Creepy Puppet Halloween Props, the goriest, most realistic collection of Severed Head Halloween Props that you'll find anywhere, and much much more!

  • Professional Halloween Props

    Featuring our exclusive collection of high-quality Professional Halloween Props. Hand-painted, hand-haired and only available at TheHorrorDome.com!
  • Alien / Sci-Fi Halloween Props

    Decorate with your favorite fictional creatures with our Alien / Sci-Fi Halloween Props, from first contact with friendly greys to domination by our new evil alien overlords.
  • Bloody Body Parts & Blood

    The most violent, bloody haunted house needs plenty of background setting, and you'll find the most realistic gore in Bloody Body Parts & Blood area.
  • Bloody Animal Halloween Props

    A popular movie trope is the animal-torturing killer, so bring that look to your haunted house with our Bloody Animal Halloween Props.
  • Bloody / Gory Halloween Props

    If you aren't sure what you want, but you just know it needs to be bloody and gory, we have a general selection of Bloody / Gory Halloween Props here!
  • Bloody Body Halloween Props

    Every haunted house needs a torture/murder room, and we've got you covered with our Bloody Body Halloween Props.
  • Possessed Portraits

    The perfect inexpensive wall setting for haunted houses and home decor, our changing Possessed Portraits will have your guests creeped out!
  • Collector Props & Statues

    Our Collector Props & Statues are extremely high-quality, museum-worthy pieces of art. Perfect for whether you're collecting for home, or decorating your haunted house!
  • Creepy Clown Halloween Props

    Everybody loves the juxtaposition of the horror clown - what else is so scary that's meant to be pure fun? Create your own haunted circus with our Creepy Clown Halloween Props.
  • Puppets, Dolls and Ventriloquist Dummies

    Some of our most popular Halloween Props can also be used as costume accessories. These creepy Puppets, Dolls and Ventriloquist Dummies will be a unique way to interact with your guests.
  • Frozen Body Halloween Props

    Some killers prefer to preserve their prizes on ice. With our Frozen Body Halloween Props you can complete the look!
  • Full Body Halloween Props

    From gory bodies to zombies and much more, we've made a general collection of our Full Body Halloween Props.
  • Full Size Creature Halloween Props

    A great haunted house needs a major set piece, and our Full Size Creature Halloween Props help create that real life immersive experience.
  • Gargoyle Halloween Props

    Whether alive and moving or still as a statue, our Gargoyle Halloween Props will help complete the look of your haunted house.
  • Half Body Halloween Props

    Do you want your haunted house to have just a little more edge than "just" dead bodies? Try our Half Body Halloween Props for that little something extra.
  • Hanging Halloween Props

    A haunted house should be more than just on eye level - these Hanging Halloween Props feature ghosts, hanging bodybags and more!
  • Horror Busts & Models

    Mostly for collectors, our Horror Busts & Models look great for home Halloween decor but can also work in a haunted house.
  • Horror Weapon Halloween Props

    Knives, saws, cleavers and more - spread these Horror Weapon Halloween Props around your haunted house for a killer look.
  • Lab Incubator Halloween Props

    Mad scientist laboratories, haunted hospitals and more look amazing with our Lab Incubator Halloween Props.
  • Severed Head Halloween Props

    One of our best-selling categories, featuring plenty of custom products, our Severed Head Halloween Props are known across the industry for their high quality.
  • Skeleton Halloween Props

    Whether for a dungeon, graveyard or just general home decoration, our Skeleton Halloween Props are a necessary part of any haunted house.
  • Monsters & Killers Standing Halloween Props

    These Monsters & Killers Standing Halloween Props are full-size Halloween Props for decorating your home or haunted house.
  • Ventriloquist Dummies

    Right up there with clowns, Ventriloquist Dummies have scared people for generations just by being "not quite right". Now you can get your own and try it yourself!
  • Zombie Halloween Props

    With the success of The Walking Dead, and re-emergence of the genre, what's more popular these days than the zombie? Start your own zombie horde with our Zombie Halloween Props.
  • Halloween Illusions

    These Halloween props are not what they seem. For a completely immersive experience, our Halloween Illusions will help suspend disbelief for your haunted house or costume.
  • Complete Haunted House Prop Rooms

    Save time and money with our Complete Haunted House Prop Rooms - everything you need to complete your haunted house room, all in one bundle.
  • Haunted Illusion Plans

    These are real blueprints that are drawn to scale - these Haunted Illusion Plans have a comprehensive rundown on materials needed, and even performance details!