Upgrade Your Haunted House with These Terrifying New Halloween Animatronics

Fire Breathing Dragon Electric Animatronic

When the days start to get cool and short, and the leaves change colors and fall to the forest floor, Halloween season begins. Across the country, brave individuals flock to spooky hayrides and haunted houses to experience unforgettable fright firsthand. People love the thrill of being frightened by something they know, deep down, can’t really hurt them. Whether you’re setting up a haunted house with a local community group, running a commercial attraction, or just trying to make your home as spooky as possible for the big costume party, a few cleverly placed animated Halloween props can make a big impact.

Halloween Animatronics, New for 2018

Haunted house operators will want to add new characters to the mix each season. This will keep the experience feeling fresh and unique, especially for repeat visitors. Check out a selection of the latest freaky 2018 Halloween animatronics from The Horror Dome and discover a host of shockingly realistic designs. From hordes of zombies that stumble forward looking for juicy brains, to murderous ghouls that soar towards your trembling patrons, and werewolves that jump out of the bushes and lurch at your guests, there’s something for every attraction in this collection.

Add a new demented bozo to your collection of killer clowns, or ratchet up the fear factor in your wicked bayou with an attacking alligator animatronic. Set up motion triggers to activate these Hollywood-quality, hand-detailed animated props when your guests least expect it for maximum fright, or use animatronics to supplement a cast of live costumed actors.

Choose Your Haunted Themes Wisely

Cat-tastrophe Cauldron with out Fog
We all wish we had the room to do every sort of macabre scene, but unfortunately, space is often limited. Do you want to do an undead uprising room where animatronic zombies surround and terrify your guests? Or perhaps a mad scientist’s lab where innocent victims are subject to unethical experiments is more your style. A vampire’s lair, where evil imps dine on blood is another possibility, as is an exorcism ward in a mental asylum, where poor possessed souls struggle against the dark forces of Satan. Upgrade your favorite theme with a new character from The Horror Dome, or completely re-do an entire area of your attraction.

Spread Terror in Your Town

These brand-new designs are easy to set up, and are powered by either electric motors or an air compressor. Many Halloween animatronics come with built in fog machines and sound effects. All you’ll need to add is a little mood lighting, and you’re ready to go.

Scorched Scarecrow Halloween Animatronic

Motorized Halloween decorations are sure to be conversation starters at your bar or cocktail party, will help draw attention to your store front during the season, and are perfect for indie movie theatres who often show zombie, monster, or horror movie marathons. Whether you’re in charge of a multimillion-dollar business, or just want to freak out your friends and neighbors, you’ll find these darkly inspired and artistically detailed haunted house animatronics can’t be beat.

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