Tips For a Halloween Wedding Proposal


Fans of horror tend to be creatures of many passions. While there are undoubtedly countless people who enjoy the occasional horror film, true horror aficionados embrace it. When you share a love of the macabre and grim with your partner, you may decide that popping the big question on Halloween is the way to go. If you've decided it's time to bind your souls together for all eternity, we've got some ideas to do it in style!

A Treaty With The Dead, Lost And Forgotten

After all, what better way to tell the one you love you want side-by-side coffins than by doing it among the dead? Graveyards are the homes of many loves that have been laid to rest. It's common to find graves of couples who choose to be laid to rest together. There are even family crypts that go back generations! Get started by looking for a graveyard that allows nighttime visitors. You and your partner can dress up in your favorite Halloween masks and Halloween costumes and head to the graveyard for "scary Halloween fun." So how to pop the question? Just tell them you've picked out a plot for you both, and ask them if they'd do you the honor of being laid to rest beside you after a life of shared love and scares.

Say It With Sweets

Does your love have a favorite candy? You can create a memorable night of fun by creating a trail of their favorite treats that leads to a marriage proposal spelled out with pumpkins, candy, and candles! Want another sweet inspired idea? Get all your friends in on the plan. Tell your partner you have a particular route that encourages adult trick-or-treating. Have your friends give them unique pieces of candy with a letter that spells out, "Will You Marry Me?". When you reach the end, open the candies and rearrange them!

Make It A Real Puzzler

Do you love Halloween and puzzles? Buy a puzzle and assemble it, and write "Will you marry me?" on it in invisible black-light sensitive ink. Have we got an idea for you! Create a list of clues leading your partner to favorite locations. At each location, put an envelope with a puzzle piece in it. You can make the puzzle yourself, buy one with only a few pieces, or put a bunch of pieces in each envelope. When you get all the puzzle pieces, have a romantic evening assembling them. When it's done? Shine the flashlight on it and reveal the secret message!

No matter how you choose to pop the question to the one you love, it always pays to do it in style. Be sure to pick out a great costume. You can wear a stand-alone Halloween mask or buy a complete Halloween costume to commemorate the occasion. Go for something made from high-quality latex that you know will last. After all, you'll want to remember your special day for many Halloweens to come!

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