The Top Female Horror Filmmakers Today

Sometimes people open their mouths and stick their foot in, and just enjoy the taste of quality shoe-leather. This would seem to be the case of Jason Blum over at Blumhouse Productions. Some time ago he made a statement that would have horror fans facepalming. He claimed that the reason that his studio at Blumhouse hadn’t produced a lot of films with female directors because there simply weren’t that many… “Let alone those interested in horror.” We don’t know what rock Jason was living under, but we thought we’d throw in with some of our favorites just to show him how wrong he is.
2016 film Raw

Julia Ducournau

This director is credited with turning an almost painfully simple concept, a vegetarian suddenly developing a craving for human flesh, into a rich tapestry of terror and introspection in the 2016 film Raw. It was fascinating to see how this French Director took a throwaway concept and turned it into something you just have to see to believe.

Karyn Kusama

The first film she ever produced was called “Girlfight” and came to us in 2000. Admittedly it didn’t get a lot of acclaim, but you’d have to be living under a rock to not at least have heard of “Jennifer’s Body”. This film quickly became a favorite among fans of biting humor, and the perspective being distinctly female-centered was refreshing as well. She followed this film up with an anthology called “XX” and another film called “Invitation”.

Leigh Janiak

Taking a moment in our lives that is supposed to be full of blissful happiness, like the film Honeymoon, and turning it into a cavalcade of horror is a sign of an excellent director. Janiak managed to turn it into something even more impressive, a heart-rending walk of terror that left us mourning for the doomed relationship while utterly terrified of the bride.

Coralie Fargeat

Revenge is a theme in horror that has existed as long as the genre and has formed the foundation of franchises like Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street. In the 2017 film Revenge Coralie takes a deeply personal subject and has us follow a woman who was the victim of a brutal rape as she wrecks bloody, violent revenge on those responsible.
Tigers Are Not Afraid

Issa Lopez

This horror director comes to us out of Mexico and tells a soul-wrenching story about victims of the drug trade in her home country. This fantasy horror film was called Vuelven in Mexico, and “Tigers Are Not Afraid” in its international releases. The film was so impactful that both Guillermo del Toro and Stephen King have jumped in to produce her next creations.
So there you have it, just four of the dozens of female horror directors out there in the world today. We’re not sure just how much searching Jason Blum had done prior to making that statement, but we aren’t confident it involved much time. If you’re going to shut out directors from your studio Jason, just admit it and be honest about it. Being dismissive of talented directors doesn’t earn you any respect.
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