HD Researchers Report - Fantasy Masks

There are tales that are told in the heartland of every country that speaks of monsters that reflect the fears of the community. Each of these stories has its own unique flair and can tell you much of those who live there if you know how to listen. Researcher Mac Thaidgh was tasked with researching a few classics and determining what he could learn about the facts behind the lore. His success was varied and included one incident that is becoming the focus of a special inquiry.

Leprechaun Mask

Lucky Leprechaun St. Patrick’s Day Mask

In their homeland, the Leprechaun is seen as a mischievous spirit obsessed with protecting its pot of gold from the mortal world. With the strong Irish roots of America, it's no surprise that this beasty has found its way to America's heartland. It seems to have undergone a fundamental change, however. Instead of merely being mischievous, it has become downright malevolent. Where once it might have filled your shoes with nails, now you would find it full of deadly spiders, for instance.

Researcher Mac Thaidgh provided a strikingly detailed account of its appearance, which we used in the construction of this Leprechaun mask. The way he described its crazed eyes, sharp teeth, and the glint of light off the buckle on its classic pork pie hat left us wondering just how close he got. This fantasy mask mirrors his description in every particular, including the greasy, stringy texture of its hair. It comes in a full over the head design with a chest piece with a recreation of the tattoo that Mac Thaidgh was very insistent that we get correct.

Swamp Hag Witch Mask

Swamp Hag

The next stop on his journey brought Researcher Mac Thaidgh to the New England area with its rich forests, bogs, and of course swamps. He went from town to town seeking information regarding sightings of the foul creature known as the swamp hag. His team spent many days walking among the moss-covered Hemlocks, knee-deep in a fetid mosquito-ridden water followings hints, and tips. It was when he called back with an incident report and a description that we knew he hit pay dirt.

His description was incredibly detailed, speaking of the moss-ridden leathery skin of the hag, her milky white eye, and hair that seemed to be a near living thing of its own. This Swamp Hag With mask features durable latex meticulously painted to reflect the swamp tainted leather skin of the hag and her milky white eye.

Zombie Scarecrow Mask

Rotted Zombie Scarecrow

The heartland of America is home to many tales that are blood-chilling in their details. Familial violence, murder, and worse can all be found if you know where to look. One story, oft-told, is that of farmers who would dispose of some troublesome scamp and hang them up where none would think to look. In the middle of their fields warding off crows. An equal number of stories recounts what happens when these corpses rise to take their revenge on those who wronged them.

Researcher Mac Thaidgh spoke nervously, wringing his hands as he described this creature to us. He spoke of how it whispered through the corn, calling the name of the farmer as the skulls of crows clacked around its neck. A fetid, rotting smell wafted across the wind as it rustled its way through the cornfield in which it had been hung. The zombie scarecrow mask reflects all the visuals of his description and is made with the same quality and precision of this line. We find that this fantasy mask goes quite well with our zombie hand offering and a flannel shirt.

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