Crypt TV's Miss Annity: An Arachnophobe's Nightmare From The Crypt Monster Universe!

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YouTube is no stranger to horror channels. Countless channels showcase horror games, ghost stories, and even haunted TikTok videos. But hidden among mainstream horror are gems like Crypt TV, a collection of short horror films. One of Crypt TV's most iconic film monsters is Miss Annity, a being who might not be as bad as she seems.

Miss Annity

Each of the Look-See clips is about four minutes long. They're short films that display the creature's terrifying nature. The clips don't need any dialogue to get the point across, making them even more terrifying than a traditional horror movie. 

The "Miss Annity" series was released in 2019, starring Miss Helen Annity. When she was human, she wrote a book called Life Lessons with Miss Annity that promoted outdated, traditional values. She believed "the man should be in the workplace, while the woman stays home to care for the children." Her book did not receive positive reviews. Her book's backlash was so negative that she took her life in the basement of her apartment building, the Bridgeport Apartments. One of the things in the Crypt TV universe is their use of "Torment Fragments" that create their monsters. The spider that bit Helen when she died had consumed one, allowing her to revive as an arachnid-like creature.

In her new life, she uses the powers she's gained to force her views on those around her. She might not seem like a creature you want in your life, but there have been moments when she doesn't seem so bad. In the last episode released, Miss Annity faces a boy who is bullied because he's "different." And it's clear, early in the episode, that his father disagrees with his son's views. He doesn't see his son as a "real man." Miss Annity uses her venom to send Jacob into a hallucination where he's faced with the boy who bullied him earlier. For a while, Jacob does fight back. But he realizes that fighting isn't what he should do in this instance. Instead, he opts to sympathize with his bully and make amends. Instead of turning Jacob into her victim, she chooses his father. 

The Miss Annity videos have something that some other Crypt TV films don't have. They have more dialogue. But, unlike The Look-See or some other monsters, the Miss Annity series needs dialogue. There are emotions and situations in Miss Annity that need words to convey what's going on. It's also easier to follow than The Look-See series.

Creating a Monster Like Miss Annity

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