A Rising Gem in Horror Games: What is Dead by Daylight?

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When it comes to horror and survival games, there’s already a pretty big market out there for them. We all know this. But there are only a handful of games that combine both aspects. You might be questioning whether most horror games already combine horror and survival. But they don’t. Not really. Dead by Daylight is one game that combines both horror and survival. Part of what makes this game so intricate is that it combines two different modes simultaneously. For the team of survivors, it’s a test of stealth and skill. For the killer, it’s a test of stealth and timing. 

How Does Dead by Daylight Work?

In Dead by Daylight, you’re given a choice. Do you play as a survivor and work with your team to escape the killer? Or do you play as the killer and try to take out a team of four survivors? The possibilities are extensive. The list of killers and survivors is updated regularly to keep players interested. Numerous killers are familiar to most horror fans. You can play as Michael Myers, Ghostface, or Freddy Krueger, to name a few. But some killers aren’t involved in mainstream horror.

Every killer, whether mainstream or not, has a detailed background. Dead by Daylight immerses you in the killer’s backstory. They want you to understand every aspect of the character you’ve chosen. But the killers aren’t the only ones with extensive backstories. The survivors do, too. Most survivors are paired with a killer, their backstories and histories intertwining somehow. Not all of the survivors are as well-known as the killers, though, but there are a few who are unmistakable. Dead by Daylight has recently paired up with Resident Evil, so you have survivors like Leon Kennedy.

Dead by Daylight is played online with friends, but it encourages you to work with your teammates to complete tasks that allow you to escape the environment. Each map you’re put into corresponds with one of the killers. You can be sent to the Raccoon City Police Department with numerous outdoor maps and a few indoor maps. And if you’ve been playing for a while and decide you’d like to put together a costume based on your favorite killer, there are options for Halloween maks. You could quickly put together a Legion costume. Or The Huntress. The possibilities are endless. 

The more you play, the more you progress with your chosen character. Each survivor and killer have skill trees and perks that make playing easier. For survivors, you can unlock perks that make it easier to know when the killer is close. For killers, you have perks that make your job easier.

Dead by Daylight and Horror Masks

So, you’ve been playing Dead by Daylight for a while now and want to put a costume together. Halloween is approaching, but you’re at a loss for where to start. That’s where we come in. Horrordome has masks related to countless horror icons, including Hollywood horror icons those that most people wouldn’t think to use immediately. Maybe you’re looking into a Saw-themed costume and want the Harlequin’s mask, or just want to go with something classic. Check out our online store for all your horror needs.

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