6 of the Coolest Haunted House Attractions in America

With gruesome characters from the deepest corner of the underworld, strobe lights and fog machines that play dirty tricks on your senses, and a new fright around every corner, there’s nothing like the spine-tingling thrill of a great haunted house. From over-the-head masks to shriek-inducing animatronics, The Horror Dome provides gear and equipment for many top haunt destinations.
If you’re looking for an unforgettable, bone-chilling experience this Halloween, chances are there’s a professional production nearby that will make you feel like you’ve been transported into a horror flick. Here’s a list of the best of the best when it comes to America’s popular haunted houses:
Eastern State Penitentiary - Philadelphia Pennsylvania Haunted House

Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary

This famous Philadelphia prison that once held the likes of Al Capone is considered to be one of the most haunted places in the country. Open all-year-round for historical tours, the Terror Behind the Walls haunted attraction takes over several wards during the Halloween season, and features live actors and special effects.


Located in the town of Terrell, TX, about 33 miles east of Dallas, Thrillvania features three distinct attractions on a nearly 50-acre plot. Centered around the imposing Verdun Manor (that legend has it, was once home to a murderous werewolf and his vampire wife), this sprawling estate features surprising frights around every bend.

Nightmare New England

Horror fans looking for a diverse range of attractions and activities should make the trek to Litchfield, NH this year. Situated on 80 acres of haunted ground, this positively petrifying park includes everything from a mile-long haunted hayride to multiple macabre manors, and even a fire-pit and beer garden to calm your nerves after you encounter numerous psycho killers and zombies

Haunted Plantation

Trouble in paradise? You’ll find more than palm trees and surfers in this haunted Oahu town. Every year around Halloween, Hawaii’s historic Waipahu village gets invaded by over 60 actors dressed in highly-detailed costumes. A one of a kind experience, you’ll feel transported back in time to a place where settlers lived in constant fear of demented supernatural beings.
Dent Schoolhouse - Cincinnati Ohio Haunted House

The Dent Schoolhouse

Built in 1894, this Cincinnati, OH schoolhouse is said to be the site of a number of gruesome murders carried out by a deranged janitor, known only as “Charlie.” A haunted house that’s consistently named as one of the best frights in America, the schoolhouse offers ghost hunting tours that take place without actors or effects, and the full-on experience that features over 50 characters on any given night. Did these unspeakable crimes really take place? Visit this eerie school and see for yourself.

The 13th Gate

Located in Baton Rouge, this well-known Louisiana haunted house also makes an appearance on many “best frights” lists. True to its name, it offers 13 unique realms of horror, as well as a necropolis that’s teeming with the undead and a fun escape room that’s open for business all year. Famous for Hollywood-worthy, realistic details, this creepy compound is staffed by over 160 professional actors and a talented crew of 60+ during the Halloween season.
Looking to update your Haunted House attraction for the coming year, or simply add a little professional-quality realism to your home? Your guests will do a double-take when they glimpse a life-like severed head or possessed porcelain doll. Shop Halloween decorations from The Horror Dome today!

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