4 Famous Alien Abduction Cases

Scary Alien Extraterrestrial
Reports of contact with extra-terrestrials have circulated for over a century, spawning tales of flying saucers, tiny green men, and humanoid creatures with scaly skin. Every year, dozens of people across the globe report “spacey encounters” with otherworldly beings. While some alien encounter and abduction stories are written off completely as crackpot delusions, others have proven more credible.
Whether fevered hallucinations or true encounters of the third kind, these are some of the most famous alien abduction cases on record. These accounts have provided great inspiration for the demented designers here at the Horror Dome.

#1: Antonio Vilas Boas

In the late fall of 1957, a farmer by the name of Antonio Vilas Boas spotted a red-colored star in the night sky. Boas claimed that as the light drew closer to his farm in Brazil, he could make out the outline of an alien spaceship which landed in his field. Alarmed, Boas hopped on a tractor in an attempt to flee but was accosted by a small alien with blue eyes. Boas contends he was then whisked aboard the spaceship, where the beings covered him in a gooey slime-like substance. The Brazilian was then forced into mating with a female alien to produce a hybrid baby that would be raised by the creatures. Boas later told authorities that he was taken off the ship several hours later. Boas suffered multiple thermal burns all over his body and was diagnosed with radiation sickness by a physician. Even later in life, after Antonio Vilas Boas became an attorney at law, he continued to maintain the truth of his alien abduction story.
UFO Flying Saucer - Black and White

#2: Betty and Barney Hill

In September 1961, Barney and Betty Hill were returning from a holiday to Niagara Falls when Betty claimed she saw a bright light in the sky. As the light moved closer and became brighter, a large shape hovered over their vehicle on the road. Betty says she was convinced the object was a UFO. Her husband exited the car and contends he spotted nearly a dozen humanoid figures through his binoculars. Petrified, the couple sped away, only to arrive home in a somewhat altered state. The normal 4-hour drive had lasted 7 hours, and both felt a strange buzzing sensation. Their clothes were inexplicably ripped and Betty discovered a mysterious powder-like substance on her dress. Betty had vivid dreams about the UFO encounter, in which a needle was thrust into her belly and skin samples taken. Months later, she drew a “star map” that she says the humanoids showed her. No one had reason to believe the couple was lying, as they were an average American couple held in high esteem by their community.

#3: Travis Walton

Travis Walton’s claims of alien abduction are bolstered by his co-workers. In 1971, six of the Arizona forestry workers on his team reported seeing Walton being beamed into a UFO craft through a shaft of light. The men reported their co-worker MIA, leading local authorities to suspect foul play. His disappearance only lasted five days, however. Walton returned, alleging aliens had taken him aboard their ship. The creatures purportedly put some sort of gas mask on his face, rendering him unconscious. He remembers the aliens as being very small, with smooth skin and enormous shiny eyes.
Walton claims he met other humans, all dressed in uniforms, while on the UFO. Walton doesn’t remember much else after he woke up confused and shaken on an empty roadside.
UFO Night Sky

#4: Hilary Porter

Hilary Porter’s encounters with extraterrestrials have been well publicized. The Welsh native, who once worked for her county’s Ministry of Defense, claims to have been kidnapped by aliens throughout her life, starting at the young age of 5. According to Porter, the aliens looked reptilian with dry scaly skin, and had telepathic abilities. She says she has been taken aboard their disc-shaped ship, where she is prodded and poked with instruments used to extract human DNA. After each abduction, Porter experiences debilitating migraine headaches, and sometimes finds bruises, lacerations and bloodstains on her body.
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