Uncle Fester Halloween Mask from HD Studios Pro. Hand-painted gruesome madman disguise with realistic hair and pale skin. Durable construction perfect for freak shows and haunts. Collector's quality mask intricately detailed for movie-level realism. Guaranteed to terrorize trick-or-treaters.
"Uncle Fester" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask
 "Uncle Fester" HD Studios Pro Mask - Your New Favorite Terror
"Uncle Fester" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask - Gruesome Details for Haunting - Full Over-the-Head Design
"Uncle Fester" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask - Intricately Detailed Collectors-Quality Mask - Realistic Hair and Pale Skin Tone
"Uncle Fester" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask - A Hit at Your Halloween Party - Handcrafted for Haunted Houses

"Uncle Fester" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

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Uncle Fester" HD Studios Pro Mask: Your New Favorite Terror

Your NEW favorite Uncle is here to terrorize the Town. Uncle Fester is a full over the head masks with gruesome details only a demented mother would love. A perfect partner for our Aunt Helen mask. Fester is sure to be a hit at your next Halloween Party.

Intricately Detailed Collectors-Quality Mask: Realistic Hair and Pale Skin Tone

This collectors-quality Halloween mask is intricately detailed by craftspeople with decades of experience in the haunt industry. A movie-quality design, realistic hair and an off-putting pale skin tone will have your guests feeling quite uneasy. This gruesome madman makes a wonderful addition to the cast of any freak show or haunted house, and will send shivers down the spine of the local trick or treaters as they gingerly approach your porch in search of delicious candy. Manufactured from durable materials, you'll get many seasons of use out of this demonic mug. Add something truly special to your collection today.

Uncle Fester Mask Features:

  • Full, Over the Head Halloween Mask
  • One Size Fits All
  • Hand Painted and Hand Haired

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