STUDIO GORILLA Halloween Costume

STUDIO GORILLA Halloween Costume
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This Studio Gorilla Costume is the best in the business, created by one of the best artists in the country. If you are shooting a movie or commercial and need a gorilla costume, this piece is for you.

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THIS STUDIO GORILLA COSTUME IS THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS, CREATED BY ONE OF THE BEST ARTISTS IN THE COUNTRY. IT IS MADE FROM MOVIE FUR THAT HAS BEEN IN MANY MAJOR MOTION PICTURES. SEVERAL CELEBRITIES ARE PURCHASING THIS GORILLA COSTUME TO ADD TO THEIR COLLECTION. IF YOU ARE SHOOTING A MOVIE OR COMMERCIAL AND NEED A GORILLA COSTUME, THIS PIECE IS FOR YOU. THESE GORILLA COSTUMES ARE ALSO FEATURED IN ONE OF LARGEST HAUNTED ATTRACTIONS IN THE WORLD. THIS GORILLA COSTUME HAS THE OPTION OF GLASS EYES. THIS GORILLA COSTUME IS ALL HAND MADE IN THE USA. IT COMES WITH CUSTOM SCULPTED TEETH AND ARM EXTENSIONS. IT IS CONSTRUCTED WITH A VACUFORM UNDERSTRUCTURE TO HOLD THE COSTUMES SHAPE. SO REGARDLESS OF THE SIZE OF PERSON WEARING THIS GORILLA COSTUME, IT CONTINUES TO HOLD ITS SHAPE AND LOOKS GREAT. PLUS IT CAN BE CLEANED WITH EASE. ALL YOU NEED TO DO FOR CLEANING IS WIDE DOWN THE UNDERSTRUCTURE. THERE IS NO NEED TO DRYCLEAN THIS GORILLA COSTUME. REMEMBER THIS ISNT A FLOPPY SUIT. IT IS A COSTUME WITH THE SIZE BUILT INTO IT. More specs: -the suit is made from movie fur -the torso, and arms have a vacu-form plastic understructure to keep their shape -the head, hands, and feet are poured triple thick out of latex -the costume is made in pieces for maintenance ease. -the pieces are: Head, pants, torso, feet, extension forearms w/ hands, shoulder and biceps. -There is no zipper up the back, the torso slips over you -when you wear the costume you see out of the forehead and nose. We feel that attempting to line up the eyes on everyone takes away from the look. -the jaw is static, we are able to make a moveable jaw for an additional $2500 -the costume is capable of being cleaned very easy since it the majority of it is built over vacuform -the mask comes with glass eyes
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