Top 7 Spine-Chilling Horror Movie Masks

Michael Meyers Halloween Mask
This Halloween, die-hard fans will be celebrating with some good old-fashioned slasher flicks. From the Scream to Texas Chainsaw Massacre, some of the best horror movies feature malicious masked maniacs.
A slasher film is only as scary as its main villain, and no one does sinister masked figures better than The Horror Dome. Bring nerve-racking terror to your neighborhood this October with our spine-chilling signature Halloween masks.
If you haven’t picked this year’s costume, these iconic horror movie masks may be just the inspiration you need to embrace your inner villain.

#1. Dr. Decker - Nightbreed

You don’t need blood and gore to be frightening, as evidenced by the masked killer in the 1990 film Nightbreed. Directed by Clive Barker, this classic horror movie portrays Dr. Philip K. Decker -- a psychologist by day and masked serial killer by night.

#2: Frank the Rabbit - Donnie Darko

There’s nothing cute and cuddly about this creepy bunny in the cult-classic Donnie Darko. James Duval plays Frank, a life-sized (imaginary) rabbit who advises Donnie of an impending apocalypse. Frank the rabbit sports jagged teeth, a twisted grin and is utterly unforgettable.
Scream - Ghostface Mask

#3: Ghostface - Scream

Scream hit theaters in 1996 and instantly became a blockbuster hit thanks in large part to the masked trivia-loving killer Ghostface. With its elongated mouth and lolling eyes, it’s not hard to see the resemblance to Edvard Munch’s disturbing painting, ‘The Scream.’

#4: Michael Meyers - Halloween

The mask worn by Michael Meyers in the Halloween franchise set a high bar for slasher movies to come. This cold, baggy and soulless face was modeled after a death mask worn by William Shatner in Star Trek, but with some demented modifications.

#5: Leatherface – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

This 1974 horror flick predates the Halloween franchise by four years. In terms of raw terror, Meyers is only shadowed by Leatherface, who derives pleasure in collecting and wearing a mask crafted from real human skin. As legend has it, the cannibalistic killer in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre was based on Ed Gein – a real-life murderer who wore masks made of what else? The skin of his victims!

#6: Jason Vorhees – Friday the 13th III

Jason Voorhees - Friday the 13th Hockey Mask
This list wouldn’t be complete without the sinister hockey goalie mask worn by Jason Vorhees in the 1982 classic Friday the 13th III. The character transformed a dull piece of sporting equipment into the ultimate symbol of evil as he slaughtered anyone who crossed his path.

#7: Jigsaw Pig Mask – Saw

The menacing villain in the Saw horror series wears a grotesque pig mask when abducting and torturing his victims. The film implies that John Kramer (Jigsaw) isn’t donning a mask at all, but is actually wearing a rotting pig’s head replete with straggly black hair.

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