"The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It": A Franchise With a Blood-Curdling Plot

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"The Conjuring" is a series that has been around for a long time. Most horror fans have seen the movies. And most fans are aware of how Annabelle, the cursed doll, ties into the series. "The Devil Made Me Do It" was one of the few movies in the franchise that didn't include the terrifying doll. 

The Plot of "The Devil Made Me Do It"

When the movie was being teased, the title made many avid horror fans assume it would be another trip to the Amityville house. After all, most people know that Robert DeFeo was quoted as saying those words when asked why he killed his family. But that didn't happen this time. Fans were in for a completely different experience when watching this movie.

The movie starts in 1981, with Ed and Lorraine documenting an exorcism. The individual being exorcised was an eight-year-old boy, David Glatzel. His sister Debbie, her boyfriend Arne, and Father Gordon were with him in Connecticut. Arne tells the demon to possess him instead of the child to save David. Ed sees this happening, the demon moving from David to Arne. Unfortunately, Ed suffers a heart attack and falls unconscious, unable to stop the possession from happening.

Ed finally wakes up in the hospital a month later, telling his wife that he saw the demon possess Arne. In a panic, Lorraine calls the police, alerting them to a potential tragedy in the Glatzel household. Arne and Debbie lived in an apartment over a kennel owned by Debbie's employers. After dealing with an illness, Arne murders his landlord, Bruno, stabbing him twenty-two times. But, of course, it was the demon, not Arne. With the Warrens at his side, Arne was the first murder suspect in the United States to use demonic possession as a defense. Ed and Lorraine discover a satanic curse passed through a totem and met with Kastner. Kastner was a priest who had dealt with this cult before. He tells the Warrens that the totem was left intentionally to place a curse on the Glatzel family. This action led to the possession of David.

With the new information, Ed and Lorraine travel to Massachusetts to investigate the death of someone else connected to the demon. And, again, they find the totem that had been found in the Glaztel home. The couple learns that Katie, the murder victim, was stabbed by her friend Jessica while she was possessed. Thanks to Lorraine's vision, which shows Jessica jumping to her death off a cliff, the police recovered Jessica's body. While attending the wake, Lorraine touches Jessica's hand, triggering another vision. In the vision, Lorraine is threatened by the occultist behind everything, and she tells Ed that the connection works both ways. Not only can Lorraine see the occultist, but the occultist can also see her.

After investigating further, Ed and Lorraine find out how to break the curse and destroy the demon. And, in the end, we get our glimpse of Annabelle in Ed's "vault" beneath the house. 

Creating the Perfect Annabelle 

Fans of The Conjuring have created costumes for Annabelle since the first movie. While it's easy to create the right look for Annabelle with makeup, The Conjuring gave us characters like Valak, the demonic nun. Horror Dome can make creating her costume easy with our selection of HorrorDome puppets and dolls and realistic tombstones without skipping on quality.

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